Iberico Bellota Neck

Wonderful necks without bone of the Spanish Bellota pig.
Origin: Spain Storage condition: Frozen ≤ -18ºC

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We know the boned necks of the Iberico pig for years at Beef&Steak. You can enjoy these tasteful roasts the whole year. Once a year there is a really special offer from Spain. In that time the Bellota pigs are slaughtered. The necks of these pigs are cut and packed specially for Beef&Steak.

For months the Bellota pigs have enjoyed an unlimited amount of acorns in the orchards on the Spanish hills. All pigs that have a weight of 140 kilograms or higher may be called Bellota. This will only be a small part of the whole flock. The ham and shoulder of these wonderful animals are dried and aged in specially equiped dry houses.

The fresh meat that comes from these dry houses is even more beautiful and more tasteful than what is offered the rest of the year and is now exclusively available at Beef&Steak!

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Additional information
Herkomst Spain
Ingredients 100% pork
Allergie Allergen-free, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, MSG-free, Nuts-free
Storage Frozen ≤ -18ºC
Aging Aged
Fattening Not applicable
Cooking method Barbecue, Oven, Dutch Oven, Skillet
nutricional value No

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