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Eating unlimited spare ribs in the local restaurants is no longer necessary, because thanks to BEEF&STEAK you can organize these evenings at home! We offer spareribs of the best quality, which you can easily prepare yourself.

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Spare ribs enthusiasts, take note! At BEEF&STEAK, you'll find various types of spare ribs. No need to go to local restaurants for unlimited spare ribs anymore because with BEEF&STEAK, you can organize these evenings right at home!

Spareribs: all equally delicious

Spare ribs come in all sorts. For instance, we have the delicious St. Louis pork spare ribs: authentic American ribs for barbecue enthusiasts. If you'd rather order spare ribs from our own land, we also have tasty Dutch spare ribs, of the highest quality. We also offer the lesser-known Iberico spare ribs, known for their rich flavor. The choices are abundant, but all spare ribs are equally delicious. And because we also struggle with choosing, we've specially curated a sparerib kit for our customers. Now all you have to do is decide which type to eat first. We say: enjoy your meal!

At BEEF&STEAK, you can order spare ribs just the way enthusiasts like them. Spare ribs are never just spare ribs because you have various types. The well-known spare ribs are called 'Baby Back ribs' by the Americans. These Baby Back ribs are cut from where the loin sits, against the backbone. There are also much wider spare ribs, called St. Louis Style Ribs. In Dutch, they are called belly spare ribs. These are slightly coarser but very flavorful.

USA st. Louise style

How to make spare ribs on the BBQ?

Preferably, you make spare ribs low&slow on the bbq, without pre-cooking. Then you'll be busy for at least 3.5 hours to cook them. Use this method, and your spare ribs will always be perfect! First, remove the membrane and then rub the spare ribs with a ribs rub. Use the barbecue indirectly at a temperature of 120 degrees. First, leave them uncovered for an hour so the rub can caramelize nicely. Then wrap the spare ribs in aluminum foil with some brown sugar and let them cook for 2 hours. Finally, remove the ribs from the foil and glaze them with a barbecue sauce. Now let them cook uncovered, and brush some sauce on a few times, for about three-quarters to an hour. Your spare ribs are delicious now!

Plenty of flavor choices

There is also the choice of spare ribs from different pig breeds. We have spare ribs from the 'ordinary' Dutch pig, but also from the Iberico pig. The meat from the Iberico is slightly fattier but much more flavorful. If you take spare ribs from the Iberico pig, you will experience how much flavor pork meat can have by itself.
There are various techniques for preparing spare ribs. The best result is achieved by taking your time and choosing a cooking temperature of no more than 125 degrees. To start, you can season the spare ribs with a rub or marinade. You prepare spare ribs by cooking them slowly, low and slow. If you take your time and spend about 4 hours on the barbecue, you will eat the tastiest spare ribs you've ever tasted.


Order spare ribs online at BEEF&STEAK

The rib section of the pig, known as spare ribs, is a commonly used ingredient in various cooking styles. They differ from other pork ribs because they are often cut from the lower part of the pig and contain a larger amount of fat.

As a result, they are particularly suitable for slow cooking techniques such as grilling or low & slow cooking, resulting in the meat being incredibly tender and flavorful once properly cooked. It's delightful to prepare our spare ribs with rubs and eat them with delicious sauces and side dishes, and spare ribs themselves are delicious. Ordering spare ribs online is easy and fast at BEEF&STEAK!

Nothing can compare to a delicious rack of spare ribs

Spare ribs are ideal for eating during a summer barbecue. You can order the spare ribs online and then prepare them at home low & slow for deliciously tender spare ribs.

If you could use some tips for preparing the tastiest spare ribs, we're here to help. That way, you can be sure that your family and friends will enjoy your spare ribs!

Firstly, buying the right spare ribs is important. When it comes to spare ribs, you want to make sure that the piece of meat you choose is of high quality. When ordering spare ribs online, it's important to choose meat that has a significant amount of fat. This will make your spare ribs extra juicy.

Make sure to season the spare ribs properly

The right rubs and seasonings are very important. You need to ensure that the spare ribs are completely covered with a BBQ rub or seasoning blend. When cooking them, it's advisable to do so over low heat to maintain their moisture and tenderness during cooking. If you have the time, we recommend cooking them slowly at a low temperature for several hours.

It's time to get busy in the kitchen now that you know how to prepare the tastiest ribs!

Do you want to order baby back ribs or Iberico spare ribs?

Because the Iberico spare ribs come from a Spanish Iberico pig, these ribs are incredibly tender. Delicious on the BBQ and available to order online with or without marinade. They are delicious marinated with cola! Or do you prefer the baby back ribs? Ordering these spare ribs ensures that you eat quality ribs from the part of the pig where the loin is located.

Perhaps the tastiest barbecue dish is spare ribs. When ordering spare ribs online, it's important to ensure that they are of high quality and have extra fat and tender meat. At Beef & Steak, they are expertly cut for barbecue preparation and have a deep, rich flavor. You can prepare these ribs in various ways. What are you waiting for? Ordering your spare ribs online can be done directly on our webshop!

You can prepare your own marinade for spare ribs or buy a delicious rub from BEEF&STEAK

We recommend ordering your spare ribs a day in advance so they can marinate nicely. This way, the spare ribs can absorb the excellent flavors of the marinade all day and night. Although you can cook spare ribs in the oven at home, a barbecue adds more of that "smokey" flavor. What's your favorite way to prepare spare ribs?

If you want to order spare ribs online, we at BEEF&STEAK are pleased to offer you a wide range of options. You can order these delicious spare ribs online and have them delivered to your home, making them ideal for all kinds of occasions and meals. When you buy pork spare ribs online from us, you can count on the best in taste and quality for every occasion!

baby back spareribs

Order daily meat easily online at BEEF&STEAK

Did you know that besides BBQ meat like spare ribs, you can also order other meat online from us? Think of delicious picanha, bavette, ribeye, pork belly, filet mignon, high-quality steak, or a brisket. You can also simply come to us online for your daily meat needs. That way, you can be sure to taste the difference every day!

You'll also find various types of BBQ meat on the BEEF&STEAK website. This allows you to easily create your own package. Whether you want a large or small package of BBQ meat, with us, you always get the best quality meat.

At BEEF&STEAK, we ensure the quality and freshness of your product. We make sure that your order remains in top condition. Ordering spare ribs online is easy and efficient with us.