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Flank Pork

Wroetvarken Ribbe

Ribbe; a whole belly with skin and belly ribs.
Origin: Holland Storage condition: Frozen ≤ -18ºC
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The name 'Ribbe' is Norwegian. In Norway the Ribbe is a traditional dish, for example a Christmas meal. The Ribbe consists of a pork belly with ribs and pork rind. You have the pork belly with rind and spareribs in one piece. Delightful to prepare, amazing to eat! You can prepare Ribbe on many different ways: on the BBQ, low&slow or in the oven. You could also smoke the spareribs or use your own preparation method.

The ribs are from the dutch Wroetvarken. The dutch Wroetvarken has had a more animal friendly life than most of the 'normal' pigs. Wroetvarkens are able to root, walk around and lay down wherever they want. Besides that, they live on good grounds that are covered with straw. By this, the Wroetvarken experiences less stress, and you taste that back in the Ribbe of Beef&Steak.

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    Additional information
    Herkomst Holland
    Ingredients 100% pork
    Allergie Allergen-free, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, MSG-free, Nuts-free
    Storage Frozen ≤ -18ºC
    Aging Not aged
    Fattening Not applicable
    Cooking method Barbecue, Oven
    nutricional value N/A

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