Irish Brisket Ear

Delicious piece of beef to use for your burnt ends
Origin: Ireland Storage condition: Frozen ≤ -18ºC
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When preparing Brisket, the Whole Packer is usually used. On top of a whole packer is always a thick piece of meat with a bar of fat. This is often half cut away and slander used to experience the burnt ends. We have already kept this delicious piece for you so that you can start directly on those burnt ends without having to prepare the entire brisket! Ideal for the novice barbecue and an affordable piece to practice for the seasoned barbecue! The name "Brisket Ear" comes from the shape of this piece. Normally when this is fixed on the breast, it just seems like an ear.

Brisket Burnt Ends

Almost everyone knows the pork belly burnt ends. However, there is also a variant with beef and with a part of the breast. This muscle on the breast of the cow has a lot of taste of itself. You can make a fantastic dish with slow cooking and the right spices. View the recipes that we have made for you at the bottom of this page!


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    Additional information
    Herkomst Ireland
    Ingredients 100% beef
    Allergie Allergen-free, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, MSG-free, Nuts-free
    Storage Frozen ≤ -18ºC
    Aging Aged
    Fattening Grass-Fed
    Cooking method Barbecue, Oven, Dutch Oven
    nutricional value No

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