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Inside Skirt

Inside Skirt

The flank is called the catch by butchers and from it you get a few beautiful pieces for the grill. Examples are the inside skirt, the outside skirt and the flank steak. You can only cut these from a real beef beef, then the pieces are tender and juicy.

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Wagyu Inside Skirt
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Héédelicious meat, ready quickly

The Inside skirt is an elongated steak. As the name implies, it can be found a little more inwards on the flank. You see a little bit of grease and a coarse thread. After preparation, cut the piece of meat transversely on the wire. You won't believe how tender it is and how much richer in flavor than a steak. 3-4 minutes on the grill, turn één once and serve with some coarse salt. You'll enjoy.

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