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Lesser-known, but equally delicious, the diamond sirloin from BEEF&STEAK.

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Lesser-known steak for true connoisseurs

When you think of delicious steak, names like ribeye and entrecote probably come to mind. But there's another, lesser-known type that true connoisseurs appreciate: the diamond sirloin, also known as the petite tender or teres major steak. This is a wonderfully tender steak from the shoulder of the cow.

High-quality, tender diamond sirloin

At BEEF&STEAK, we sell tender, high-quality diamond sirloin. This versatile piece of meat offers countless possibilities for preparing delicious dishes. You can choose to grill it as a steak, but it's also great for slow-roasting in the oven or on the BBQ. Additionally, this piece of meat is perfect for making Steak Tartare. With this versatile piece of meat, you can enjoy delicious dishes in various ways.

Raw diamond sirloin

Easy to order online

Diamond sirloin is a rare cut of meat that comes from the shoulder of the cow. It has a fine texture and subtle marbling, resulting in an incredibly tender and flavorful steak. It's a piece of meat that's less well-known compared to other steaks, but certainly not less delicious. The name "diamond sirloin" evokes the preciousness of this piece of meat, and rightfully so. Would you like to enjoy a flavorful diamond sirloin? At BEEF&STEAK, you can easily and quickly order your meat online.

Diamond sirloin offers a wide range of culinary possibilities

One of the most popular cooking methods is grilling it like a steak. The meat naturally has a great flavor, so a little salt and pepper is often all you need to enjoy this steak. But there are many more ways to enjoy this delicious piece of meat. For example, you can slow-cook the meat in the oven for a juicy and tender steak. Season it with your favorite herbs and let it cook slowly for an unforgettable taste experience.

On a summer day, there's nothing better than diamond sirloin on the BBQ. The smoky flavor of the BBQ pairs perfectly with the natural flavor of this meat. And for adventurous eaters, this piece of meat is an excellent choice for making steak tartare. Finely chop the meat and mix it with herbs, onion, and an egg yolk for a classic dish.

Prepared diamond sirloin

Meat with a unique shape and flavor

What's special about diamond sirloin isn't just the flavor, but also the shape of the meat. Because of its specific location between the shoulders of the cow, this piece of meat has a unique shape. With a little imagination, you can actually see the contours of a diamond in the meat.

The term 'petite tender' or 'teres major'

The term 'petite tender' or 'teres major' is directly related to the history of Jewish dietary laws and regulations. According to these laws, it's not allowed to consume meat from the hindquarters of a cow. However, because the diamond sirloin falls between the shoulders of the cow, this meat could be eaten by Jews who wanted to adhere to kosher dietary regulations. That's why this piece of meat got the nickname 'petite tender' or 'teres major'.

Prepared petite tender

A tender and flavorful alternative to steak or filet mignon

Whatever the name, petite tender, diamond sirloin, or teres major: one thing is certain: this is a delicious piece of meat that will delight your taste buds. This juicy and tender piece of beef has a rich flavor and is perfect for various cooking methods. Grilling, frying, or roasting on the barbecue, this piece of beef always results in a flavorful dish. Do you already know how you're going to prepare the delicious diamond sirloin?

Order tender diamond sirloin easily online

Beef is often praised for its tenderness. Did you know that diamond sirloin, despite its lesser-known status, is one of the most tender cuts of beef you can find? The fine marbling and the right amount of fat make it a juicy and flavorful choice for meat lovers. Additionally, the beef has a fine texture and contains little connective tissue. This means you don't have to marinate or simmer the meat for a long time.

At BEEF&STEAK, you have the opportunity to order high-quality diamond sirloin and have it delivered to your home easily. Did you know that if you order before 11:00 am, you can have this culinary treat on your plate the same evening?

Enjoy the perfect petite tender

Petite tender is one of those secrets in the world of meat that's worth discovering. This meat will definitely surprise you with its flavor and versatility. Order your piece of beef from the online butcher today and treat yourself to a culinary experience you won't soon forget. Taste the perfection of diamond sirloin and discover why connoisseurs are so enthusiastic about it. And let your experience inspire others too.

At BEEF&STEAK, we value sustainability

That's why we also offer the option to choose the sustainable Wagyu diamond sirloin. This meat comes from cows that have first been productive as dairy cows and then used as beef cattle for slaughter. With Wagyu diamond sirloin, you can not only enjoy a flavorful dish, but also contribute to a sustainable food chain, which is also better for the environment.

How should I cook diamond sirloin?

Diamond sirloin is very versatile and can be prepared in various ways, such as frying, grilling, or roasting. For optimal flavor and tenderness, we recommend cooking the meat at high temperature for a short time, so that it remains deliciously pink inside. Season the meat to your taste and let it rest for a while before slicing it, so that the juices can distribute and spread well.

We not only offer diamond sirloin, but also a wide range of other high-quality meat options. From deliciously juicy and tender beef to pork, lamb, poultry, fish, and even exotic meats, you'll find it all at BEEF&STEAK. Order today and have the delicious taste of petite tender and any other type of meat easily delivered to your home.