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Durability; the basis of Beef&Steak

The basis of Beef&Steak

Beef&Steak has been here from 2008 theé online butcher with the widest range of meat and barbecue specialties from all over the world. We only choose the very best meat, with the best taste.

If you also think, like us, that quality, sustainability, climate and animal welfare are super important, then you would probably like to know what kind of meat you have in the tub.

Matthijs van der Pijl


Matthijs van der Pijl, founder of Beef&Steak and already the fifth generation of a butcher family, is a lover and connoisseur of beautiful  meat. He also attaches great importance to a working method that is as environmentally friendly as possible.
He is happy to tell you more about the five important principles, the basis of Beef&Steak, so that you can order from us with confidence.

1) Sustainable, for a better climate
We always choose the sustainable option in our webshop, both for the meat and the way we package it and send it to you. Better for the climate and the environment and for animal welfare!
Within the Netherlands, we work together with companies where the animals really have the space and freedom and with suppliers where the breeder and slaughterhouse are as close as possible to each other. This is how we ensure as little CO2 emissions as possible.
If you order meat from us, we package it in such a way that the environment is burdened as little as possible. So we do not use styrofoam (EPS) or other environmentally polluting packaging; everything is fully recyclable, degradable and/or reusable. We always coordinate the delivery with you as best as possible, via the Trunkrs delivery service, so that we do not make unnecessary kilometers to deliver your package.
However, the fact remains that livestock farming is responsible for too much CO2 emissions. We could already reduce that by eating less meat together. As crazy as it sounds, I am very much in favor of this: if you eat meat, make sure you choose good, honest and sustainable!

2) Space and freedom for the animals
If the animals have had a good life, this contributes to the quality of the meat. At Beef&Steak you will mainly find meat from animals that have roamed freely, such as chickens from the Dutch Gildehoen or the DubbelDoel cows. We check carefully for a stress-free and animal-friendly environment. For example, the pig farms we work with all ensure that the animals can run free or work with very spacious stables.
We apply the same strict selection to the slaughterhouses, where professionals work who attach great importance to animal welfare. I have personally visited most Dutch slaughterhouses and therefore literally know what kind of meat I have in the tub.
We don't accept industrial chicken, pork from the Livar pig is much nicer and more animal-friendly than 'standard' pork, and we don't like unnecessary preservatives and e-numbers. Pure nature with real primal taste, that is what we strive for.
Beef and lamb mainly come from countries such as Uruguay, Ireland, USA, Australia and New Zealand. There the animals have a lot of space to graze. They eat the grasses and herbs they encounter and you can taste that in the meat!

3) So you know everything we know

Before meat is for sale at Beef&Steak, we first want to know everything about it, so that we can tell you. Who is the farmer? Who is the fattener? Is it a sustainable company? Is it a professional slaughterhouse with a good reputation? What about animal welfare? Which varieties are used? In short: we want to know everything about the entire chain. Only in this way can we guarantee you a good and responsible piece of meat. In any case, I always personally take a look at the company to get a good picture, whether in the Netherlands or abroad. If that doesn't work, we will at least talk to the importer and do research into the company where the animals are kept.

4) We make a responsible choice

If we are convinced of the quality and sustainable origin of the meat, we determine whether it fits within the Beef&Steak range. We look for a nice balance in different types of meat, so different breeds and different ways of fattening (grass-fed, grain-fed, corn-fed, etc.) and different countries of origin. We not only determine that ourselves, I would also like to hear your wishes!

In order to continue to meet the demand for meat of a certain origin and a certain way of fattening, the supply must be constant. That is why we always investigate alternatives. With meat from the USA, for example, we check whether there are enough farms from the same region that meet the same requirements, so work in the same way and where the meat is almost identical. This way we can continue to guarantee the same quality.

5) Quality and control

Before we buy the meat and it arrives at Beef&Steak, I always check and assess it together with all colleagues. We not only strictly check taste and texture, but also, for example, the method of packaging: does it look neat and has the product been handled with care? If even one colleague does not like it, for whatever reason, we will not include it in our range.

Would you like to know more about us, our working method or our meat ? Please feel free to contact us at Our employees are happy to help you.