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Boston Butt

Boston Butt

The Heyde Hoeve Boston Butt is a masterpiece for every BBQ enthusiast. This popular piece of meat is a sensation for every BBQ and is also very suitable to prepare during BBQ competitions.

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ca. 5500 gram
Iberico Pork
ca. 4500 gram
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Heyde Boston Butt Farm

This Butt is cut from the front part of the Heyde Hoeve pig. The meat comes from a piece of the neck, shoulder and shoulder blade. The shoulder blade makes the cooking more beautiful and more flavors develop. The Butt is already slightly trimmed and largely stripped of the bacon layer.

This gives the Heyde Hoeve Boston Butt its delicious taste

The menu of our pigs consists of grains that are harvested as much as possible in the area. In addition, the feed is supplemented with liquid feed. A very tasty food including cheese whey, potato steam peels and a beer brush. All pigs love this. Heyde Hoeve Duroc pigs deliver quality sublime meat. In October 2012 this pig breed was chosen as the most sustainable and tastiest pig in the Netherlands. The Boston Butt of the Heyde Hoeve pig differs on all fronts from the rest. The meat is delicious in taste and has a good bite.

All Heyde Hoeve pigs are kept sustainable

The pigs have sufficient space and a separate lying, eating, drinking and manure area. In addition, the pigs get a handful of straw every day. Nice for rooting and good for contact with the caregiver. There are also toys in the stable for distraction. The mother animals have nesting material in the maternity stable and the piglets stay with the mother for four weeks. In addition to breast milk, they also receive porridge to make the transition to solid food as smooth as possible.