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Hanging Tender

Hanging Tender

The hanging tender is a real speciality. It is often exported to France and the United States of America.

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Angus Beef
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Irish Beef
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Long hare for the BBQ

This piece of meat is also very popular in the Netherlands. And it is now easy to order at Beef&Steak. This meat is characterized by its full taste and soft structure. The great thing about this special meat is that it is also very advantageous!

This gives the long tenderloin its full flavour for the BBQ

Where the meat is located in the beef is of great importance for the taste of the meat. The lung hare, which is ideal for the BBQ, is the muscle that controls the lungs. The meat has a long coarse thread and is therefore very well veined. This muscle is constantly in motion and because of this the full taste is developed. The delicious long tenderloin for the BBQ comes from the Aberdeen Angus. This is a Scottish beef whose meat is known for its juicy and characteristic taste.

You will receive the fresh long tenderloin tomorrow

Whether you want to barbecueën with friends or family, we will make sure you get the order as fast and fresh as possible. If you order before 16:15 today, the order will be delivered tomorrow. If you have any questions about this piece of meat or about the ordering process, you can always contact us. You can do this by calling (0172) 577 147 or by using our chat function on the website. Do you want to get inspiration for preparing the long hare? Check out our recipe page.