Dutch I.K.B. Pork

Quality, animal welfare and food safety, that is what IKB stands for. Products, which are produced under the IKB Varken quality system, come from companies that are inspected for, among other things, veterinary medicine use, animal welfare, housing, animal health, supervision by the veterinarian and hygiene.

The IKB pig scheme includes, among other things:

- veterinary medicines at IKB companies are only used after consultation with a veterinarian. the pig in question is then slaughtered as non-IKB.

- Animal feed may only be purchased by GMP + approved feed supplier numbers

- there must be sufficient drinking water available for the pigs. The drinking water must also be tasty, may not contain harmful substances and be permanently available

- the entire chain must comply with all HACCP guidelines

- the transport of the animals must comply with the European transport regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1/2005) which guarantees animal welfare

- inspection can only be done by accredited laboratories.

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