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Where does the meat come from?

Our meat has various origins. We seek to find meats with the best flavor, which is our goal. We look critically at the sustainability and animal welfare. Industry chicken is not what we want, well kept and well fed pork is much better than 'standard' pork and unnecessary preservatives and E numbers we do not like. Pure natural with real primal flavor, this is what we strive for.

The meat is partly from the Netherlands but also from other countries. Why, you say? We want to offer choices in flavors and the best meat is like wine: you have a variety of flavors. Sometimes that beautiful flavor indeed comes from abroad. Iberico pork is simply the best when we get it from Spain, Chianina beef we get from Italy and the Scottish Aberdeen Angus we get from Scotland. Wroetvarken, Gildehoen, Bommelse Blonde, dry aged beef, we all get it just from the Netherlands. Where Netherlands really offers something beautiful  in terms of meat we will try and offer it in our range of products.