Wagyu Beef (Marbling 4-7)

Wagyu Beef (Marbling 4-7)

Wagyu Beef (Marbling 4-7)

Wagyu meat

Wagyu meat is sometimes called the caviar of the beef. It knows a richt history and is quite exclusive. Its meat of the Japanese Wagyu bovine. The Wagyu is now also kept outside Japan. This is why we can eat this meat in Holland now. And Beef&Steak, your online butchery, gladly provides that you can enjoy this delicious meat.

Rolls Royce of meat

You can order this exclusive Wagyu meat easily at Beef&Steak. If you never tasted Wagyu, this is the best way to try it. Becaus you don't know what you are missing! You will enjoy this delicious meat.


If you need any more information, please call us at phone number 0172-577 147. Or you could send us an e-mail at e-mail adress info@beefensteak.nl.

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