Een échte Braaimaster® braai kopen

Een échte Braaimaster® braai kopen

A braai is a real South-African consecutive occassion around a barbecue. The origin of this barbecue is African, but it's quite common in Europe nowadays too. Typical African products, like the braai sausage,  are grilled on this barbecue. 

The 24th of september is in South-Africa the national Braaiday, a multicultural heritage day. The protector of this day is archbishop Desmond Tutu. In the Netherlands and Belgium is barbecueing on open fire more often called braai.  

A braai is an open barbecue which you can make your own charcoal with,with the help of a coal-maker. This is often made of hardwood because this burns longer and gives wonderful hard charcoals. An example of this hardwood is 'sekelbos' or 'kameeldorig'. This Slow Wood is perfect to let your braai burn for a long time. Through this, the braai also has the feature of a fireplace.  

Besides grilling of meat is the braai also very useful in combination with divers potjies and other tools. The opportunities of the braai are almost unlimited.  




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