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Braaimaster® Braai

Braaimaster® Braai

A braai is a real South-African consecutive occassion around a barbecue. The origin of this barbecue is African, but it's quite common in Europe nowadays too. Typical African products, like the braai sausage,  are grilled on this barbecue. 

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The 24th of september is in South-Africa the national Braaiday, a multicultural heritage day. The protector of this day is archbishop Desmond Tutu. In the Netherlands and Belgium is barbecueing on open fire more often called braai.

A braai is an open barbecue which you can make your own charcoal with,with the help of a coal-maker. This is often made of hardwood because this burns longer and gives wonderful hard charcoals. An example of this hardwood is 'sekelbos' or 'kameeldorig'. This Slow Wood is perfect to let your braai burn for a long time. Through this, the braai also has the feature of a fireplace.

Besides grilling of meat is the braai also very useful in combination with divers potjies and other tools. The opportunities of the braai are almost unlimited.

Cooking on a Braaimaster®

Make your own charcoal with the fire in the coal maker, a large cooking surface for working with different zones at different heights, direct or indirect grilling and many options for using, for example, a potjie, pans, wok, pizza stone, plancha or other accessories.

Buying a braai brings atmosphere into your home

Enjoy being together with your guests in the garden or in your country house by a cozy fire and good food. In terms of atmosphere, warmth and appearance, the Braaimaster is the ideal product for outdoor cooking all year round.

Robust design and safe to use

Braaimaster has a fully double-walled and very safe design. This makes it extremely robust, safe to use and to build under your veranda or roof. Braaimaster is 100% produced in the Netherlands using only high-quality materials. The characteristics of a Braaimaster® are the following:

  • The coal maker ensures a fast and constant supply of fresh cabbages.
  • The chimney prevents smoke from developing. The sturdy pull-hood is maintenance-free and works in all circumstances.
  • The slots ensure stable and extendable grilles.
  • Various accessories can be placed in the hinge points of the Braaimaster.
  • Very versatile in use. Direct and indirect grilling of meat or fish, baking bread, making pizzas, making stew and preparing vegetables.
  • Very fully equipped with coal maker, oven drawer, ash drawer, stainless steel grids, stainless steel potjie hook and stainless steel poker.
  • Use the Braaimaster as a fireplace for warmth and atmosphere.

Typical African products, such as the farmer’s sausage or braaiworst, sosatie and mielies are grilled on this barbecue. Pieces such as pork chops, lamb chops, steak and chicken are also prepared with great regularity.

What should you buy to use a braai?

A braai is an open barbecue with which you can make charcoal yourself with the help of a coal maker. This is often made from hardwood, because it burns for a long time and generates beautiful, hard coals. An example of this hardwood is sekelbos or cameldoring. This Slow Wood is perfect for your braai to burn for a long time. The braai therefore also has a fireplace function. In addition to grilling meat, the braai is also extremely suitable for use in combination with various potjies and other tools. This way you can easily make the most delicious one-pot dishes with, for example, the Dutch Oven or Oriental wok dishes with the special Wok. The possibilities with a braai are almost endless.

Questions about buying a braai?

Do you want to know more about the real South African braai? Would you like to get more information about buying a beautiful braai Please feel free to contact us. This can be done by calling (0172) 577 147. We are happy to answer all your questions.

Do you want to see how Ralph de Kok makes a delicious Tomahawk on the Braaimaster? Check out how he does this below!