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Flank Steak

Flank Steak

Flank steak or bavette is easy to order online, as we prove on our site. At Beef &Steak you will find various types of meat, easy to order.

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The typical American flank steak

A steak cut from the side loin is called a rump steak and from the flank it is called a flank steak. It is a typical American piece of meat and can be eaten red. It is relatively unknown in the Netherlands, because the part of the flank of our Dutch dairy cow is often not really liked. At Beef &Steak, however, you can enjoy a piece of delicious flank steak, namely from the flank of a grain-fed USA beef. More of this beef can be found, for example, as côte de boeuf. To lick your fingers!

What is a bavette or flank steak?

Bavette is another name for the flank steak. There are several bavettes, this one is called bavette de flanchet. In France and Belgium; The bavette has been a delicacy for a long time, the bavette is still relatively unknown to us. A beautiful bavette is like a tender steak that has more flavor to offer. You should definitely try the bavette or the flank steak!


How to prepare a flank steak?

The preparation is very simple. Because the flank steak is quite flat in shape, it is also cooked quickly. On a barbecue with a temperature of about 190 degrees Celsius, you spend about 12 minutes cooking this piece. A heavier piece of meat naturally takes a little longer.

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