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At Beef & Steak you can not only order a gourmet dish with the tastiest meat online, but also put together your own gourmet. You will find exclusive meat of the highest quality with us.

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Gourmet Wagyu Burger (8 stuks)
Wagyu Beef
ca. 240 gram
ca. 240 gram
Gildehoen Poultry
ca. 250 gram
ca. 240 gram
Iberico Pork
ca. 250 gram
ca. 240 gram
ca. 150 gram
gourmet tournedos
ca. 240 gram
gourmet kipspiesjes
Gildehoen Poultry
ca. 100 gram
Wagyu Beef
ca. 240 gram
Fish and Seafood
ca. 125 gram
ca. 700 gram
ca. 250 gram
ca. 240 gram
Angus Beef
ca. 250 gram
Livar Pork
ca. 200 gram
Livar Pork
ca. 240 gram
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Moreover, our meat is exclusive: in addition to chicken breast and burgers, you also bake and roast delicious tenderloin slices and steak from all over the world. If you want to put together a gourmet with special types of meat for yourself and your company, you are guaranteed to find the perfect gourmet dish that you can easily order online!

Gourmetten: great! The fact remains that it makes for unforgettable family evenings, often around the holidays.

To make it even more unforgettable, we would like to share some surprising tips with you.

- Check in advance with your company what they like. So you can take that into account when buying your dishes
- Gourmetten is usually known for meat in the pan, but you can also prepare vegetables or other vegetarian dishes. For example, think of bell pepper, pumpkin, or green asparagus
- Have you ever tried prawns  or salmon  at the gourmet? Those are really favorites
- You want applause for your gourmet, so you don't just buy meat. Do not go for a standard package, but opt for responsible and sustainable quality meat. That presents just a little better and it is also much tastier. Success guaranteed
- Don't forget the side dishes. And not only salads and bread  are delicious ' on the side' , but also think of small wraps or cheese to gratinate

Set yourself  Your gourmet dish together

Cozy gourmet dinner with family around the holidays? Or just once with friends? Then you want something special of course!
The standard gourmet dishes do not always contain what you likes it. At Beef& Steak you can gourmet bowl  order with quality meat in the right quantities, tailored to your taste and that of your company. Ideal, right?

How about New Zealand Lamb Rack  , Mini wagyu burgers   and Spanish Iberico Pork Tenderloin , but also gourmet classics such as Dutch, seasoned chicken skewers  en shoarma meat . This is just a sampling of the wide range.

  Everything is vacuum packed in standard quantities and you can just order this per package, and as much as you need. We also do not add a standard bowl so you can present your gourmet bowl as you wish, on a beautiful wooden cutting board for example. Of course you can also order everything separately, or supplement it with other products that you like, such as < / p>

 Sustainably packaged, delivered the same day

If you order before 10 am on Monday to Friday, we will deliver the package the same evening, in sustainable packaging. And if you order for at least 70,-, we also deliver it for free!

 Cheese fondue, also tasty!

Do you want something different? Then organize a cheese fondue, as a tasty alternative to meat. Delicious with a piece of breaking bread!

Order a gourmet dish with your favorite meat online in the right quantities

What could be better than putting together a gourmet yourself with the meat you and your company like? Especially around the holidays, a special gourmet is very popular and because you are often very busy around that time, you naturally want to be able to order it easily online. At Beef & Steak we select the best meats with great care and attention. You can order a gourmet dish in different compositions and quantities, so there is a perfect dinner for every gourmet group.

The assortment for your gourmet

When putting together your gourmet, you have an extensive choice. For example, choose New Zealand Rack of Lamb, Dutch Steak, South American Beef Tenderloin, Dutch Free-range Chicken Fillet and delicious salmon fillet. We consciously buy all our meat. This means that we not only look at high quality, but also at responsible and sustainable production.

Easy ordering and clear delivery times

A big advantage of online ordering of a gourmet dish at Beef & Steak is that you can choose the delivery day yourself. When you choose Trunkrs evening delivery with your order, you can assume that your order will be delivered at the desired time. That's great, because it's about high-quality meat that you like to serve as well as possible. Your order will also arrive in frozen condition, because unlike PostNL, Trunkrs offers a freezer guarantee. Are you not satisfied? Then we offer a money-back guarantee! In addition, our shipping method is better for the environment due to the reusable packaging material and ice elements. If you have any questions, you can reach us via the telephone number (0172) 577 or by sending an e-mail to