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Flat Iron

Flat Iron

The flat iron steak has a versatile background. We know the sukade piece of beef as simmered meat.

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How Chuck Became Flat Iron Steak

Until someone discovered that chuck, from a fine beef breed such as, for example, Black Angus, is very suitable for grilling. And that's what we call a flat iron steak. It's called 'flat iron' because it's a flat piece about 1.5 to 2 centimeters thick. And with a little imagination, it resembles an iron. The butcher has to cut the piece differently because there's a seam in the chuck. This seam is cut out, leaving you with the flat iron steak.

Raw Flat Iron

The Flat Iron Steak is Very Tender

The flat iron steak is incredibly tender and can compete with the finest steaks. The cut is less well-known than the famous rib eye steaks or sirloin steaks and therefore cheaper. For enthusiasts, all the more reason to opt for this piece instead of the usual tenderloin or rib eye steak.

Why is Flat Iron Steak so Popular?

Flat iron steak, also known as chuck steak or shoulder steak, has become extremely popular among meat lovers in recent years. But why is this specific cut of meat so beloved?

One of the main reasons people love this piece of meat is its taste. This cut of meat has a rich, full flavor that lends itself well to all kinds of marinades and spices. Furthermore, the meat is wonderfully tender and juicy, making every bite a true delight.

Order Flat Iron Steak

If you're looking for a tender and flavorful piece of meat, then flat iron steak is the perfect choice. At BEEF&STEAK, you can buy this delicious steak of the highest quality. Thanks to the careful selection of our meat, you are assured of a culinary experience you will enjoy.

Our steak is not only of top quality but also very versatile. Do you prefer a juicy steak for the barbecue, a tender steak from the pan, or a flavorful roast in the oven? It's all possible with the chuck steak!

Prepared Flat Iron

Great Price-Quality Ratio

Another reason flat iron steak is so popular is because of its great price-quality ratio. This cut of meat is often slightly cheaper than other premium steak cuts, such as tournedos, ribeye, entrecote, or the chuck eye steak, while not sacrificing much in terms of taste and texture. This makes it an affordable option for those who want to enjoy great meat without breaking the bank.

Easy to Prepare

Not everyone is a master chef, but fortunately, flat iron steak is very easy to prepare. You can cook it on the grill, in the pan, or in the oven. An important tip to ensure that the steak remains tender is not to cook it for too long. In most recipes, medium-rare or medium is the ideal doneness for this piece of meat.

If you choose to prepare the chuck steak on the barbecue, there are a few important steps to follow. Start by preheating the barbecue to medium-high heat. While the barbecue heats up, you can marinate the steak with your favorite herbs and spices. Once the barbecue is at temperature, you can place the steak on the grill. Grill the steak for about 4-5 minutes on each side for a medium steak

Preparing Flat Iron Steak in the Pan

If you prefer to cook the steak in the pan, start by heating a little oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Season the steak with salt and pepper and carefully place it in the pan. Cook the steak for about 3-4 minutes on each side for a medium result.

Medium Flat Iron

Don't forget to let the steak rest before slicing it. This allows the juices to distribute and ensures you can fully enjoy the flavor. Let the steak rest for about 5 minutes before serving.

Want to Try Flat Iron Steak?

Good news! You can buy this steak at BEEF&STEAK, the online meat specialist. We offer a wide range of premium quality steaks and roasts, including flat iron steak of course. Order easily online!

Order Your Flat Iron Steak Online

You can easily order your flat iron steak online at BEEF&STEAK. If you order before 11 am, you'll have it delivered the same evening. For questions or more information, you can contact our customer service. You can reach them via the chat function or by calling (0172) 577 147. We're happy to help.