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The Tri-Tip, also called groin piece, newlyweds or donkey is a very tasty roast. It is seen as the best alternative to the picanha and is very forgiving in terms of preparation.

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If the picanha is not available for any reason, choose this tri-tip! If you order before 11:00 am via the Beef&Steak website, you will receive this piece the same evening.

Tri-Tip: the alternative to the picanha

The tri-tip is a muscle with a lot of flavor of its own. Don't be put off by the fat cap, this is precisely where the extra taste is. The Tri-Tip is perfect to prepare on the barbecue. You treat your guests to a lot of taste and that for a fairly favorable price. Beef& meat Steak comes from selected farms from all over the world. Often they are real meat breeds, such as Angus, Hereford, Blonde d' Aquitaine and Wagyu. In any case, you are assured of quality meat and also ease of ordering. With a mouse click you have it the next day at home and on the BBQ!

Preparing a tri-tip

Preparing a tri-tip is not difficult. The meat can be served both rosé and cooked a little further. It's also called "newlyweds" for a reason. In the past, a newly married couple got this piece from the local butcher. Usually the cooking skills were not so good, but with this piece it couldn't go wrong. In addition to grilling, the tri-tip can also be used as meat for a skewer. By slowly rotating over a nice fire, the meat gets a crispy crust and remains nice and juicy inside.

How long does it take to cook a tri-tip?

Depending on the thickness and size of the piece, provided you prepare it whole, you can take into account 45 to 60 minutes for a piece of one and a half kilos. If the piece is thinner than average, it takes a little shorter and you have a very thick tri-tip, it obviously takes a little longer. It's ready when it's done. You can see on our preparation temperature page what you should use as core temperature.

How do I prepare the tri-tip?

A tri-tip has a lot of flavor of its own and would handle it just fine with just some salt and pepper. In America, the "Santa-Maria Tri-tip" is a very popular dish. At Beef& Steak can these spices ready-made buy of course. Cut the grease cap a bit, make a diagonal diamond pattern. Sprinkle the herbs on top and cook the tri-tip, indirectly to about 48 to 50 degrees in the core. Then grill the piece alternately on direct heat.

You can order the tastiest pieces of meat online today

Are you in the mood for that tri-tip? Order today and enjoy this masterful piece of meat the same evening. If you have any questions, please contact us at 0172-577147 or by email at