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Bone-in Rib Eye

Bone-in Rib Eye

You can order a delicious côte de boeuf within a few clicks on this Beef &Steak site. But there is even more delicious meat to be found on our site. Each with its own characteristic taste.

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Culinary delight with a tender côte de boeuf

The côte de boeuf is the culinary name for a rib piece or beef steak. It is the part that is located between the thin loin (from which the sirloin is made) and the neck. The meat contains a fine thread, is soft and contains only a thin layer of fat. The meat is first matured before you get it, making it softer and fuller in taste. A côte de boeuf can easily be prepared for a barbecue: just grill briefly and it's done. With a delicious glass of red wine, the evening can no longer be broken! Is the côte de boeuf something for your barbecue? Or do you want to organize a barbecue and are you looking for even more meat? In addition to the côte de boeuf, we at Beef& Steak a wide range of other delicious meats. Also take a look at us BBQ-meat!

Questions about our côte de boeuf?

At this online butcher you can easily order the meat you are looking for. When you order your côte de boeuf before 11 am, you will receive your product the same evening. Would you like to know more about the meats from our range or do you have any other questions? Feel free to ask them using