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Label Rouge Poultry

Label Rouge Poultry

Label Rouge is a French quality mark in the field of animal welfare. The Label Rouge chicken is therefore a Farmer's free-range chicken, with spout.

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Our French farmers want to maintain the quality of chicken by keeping slow-growing chicken breeds. The chickens are given at least 81 days to reach their final weight. With 11 chickens per m² these chickens have a lot of space and they are allowed to go outside, with a spout to the outside of 2 m² per chicken.

Furthermore, special requirements apply to the animal feed, such as at least 75% grains in the food. This has a beneficial effect on meat quality.

Therefore, enjoy real taste and choose a 'real' chicken. Do you have questions about Label Rouge or other meat from Beef & Steak? Please contact us by e-mail:, or telephone: 0172-577147.