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Dry-Aged (21 days dry-aged)

Dry-Aged (21 days dry-aged)
Dry Aged beef is something special. Our signature Blonde d'Aquitaine dry aged beef has been air dried for 21 days, giving it a deeper taste and an even better bite. The meat darkens on the outside and turns dark red on the inside. Delicious. ... Read more
Dry Aged Rib Eye Steak
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ca. 2100 gram
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Try our dry aged meat

Because the meat darkens on the outside, you go for maximum taste. The dry aged meat is best prepared red or rosé in order to optimally bring out the flavors. Beef& Steak has the tastiest meat, for a special taste experience.

Treat yourself to a special product: choose dry aged meat

With dry aged meat, the moisture slowly evaporates from the meat, creating a concentrated and ripened taste. The dry aged meat looks beautifully red after 21 days of drying and is extremely soft in structure. Then bake the whole thing and enjoy this product to the fullest. Experience the tastiest beef and discover the flavors you've never experienced before.

Simply order the tastiest meat from the online butcher

Choose a new taste sensation and try dry aged meat. Order your meat online today and enjoy the intense and matured pieces of meat tomorrow. Also think of the tastiest herbs and sauces and complete your dish. Any questions? Call (0172) 577 147.

A nice timelapse of the Dry-aging process can be found here: