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Beef stew

Beef stew

Are you looking for nice stew? Beef &Steak has the largest range of delicious stew with ribs, sucade, chuck eye, cheeks and wild.

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Angus Beef
ca. 5250 gram
Angus Beef
ca. 1200 gram
Angus Beef
ca. 3300 gram
Angus Beef
ca. 1300 gram
ca. 1000 gram
Irish Beef
ca. 1000 gram
Livar Pork
ca. 450 gram
Irish Beef
ca. 3400 gram
Livar Pork
ca. 200 gram
Iberico Cheeks (Carrilada)
Iberico Pork
ca. 500 gram
Angus Beef
ca. 500 gram
ca. 400 gram
Irish Beef
ca. 700 gram
Black Angus Beef
ca. 450 gram
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What is stew?

Stew is a delicious dish found in almost every cuisine around the world. Stew is prepared by slowly cooking meat in a flavorful sauce. Its rich, full flavors make it a delightful dish, especially during the colder months of the year.

Chuck beef for stew

What types of meat do you use for stew?

Various cuts of meat are suitable for stew. Popular choices include beef ribs or chuck steak, known for their rich flavor and tenderness. Pork cheeks or poultry such as chicken can also be used. Want to try something special? Opt for chuck eye steak or brisket.

Brisket stew

Game meat is delicious for any stew. Check out our stewing page for preparation and recipes. And do we have a tip? Absolutely, also try lamb for stewing. If you plan to buy stew online, then you've come to the right place with Beef&Steak butchers.

The sauce makes the difference

The secret ingredient is the sauce. Traditionally, red wine, broth, or beer are used for added depth. Herbs like bay leaf, thyme, and rosemary enhance the flavor and add aroma.

When preparing stew, you can be creative with flavors and textures. Whether you opt for a classic version with carrots and potatoes or a bolder dish with exotic spices, stew offers endless possibilities for delicious meals.


Stew is truly a tradition in the Netherlands, and everyone enjoys dishes like grandma's stew. You can use various cuts to stew. Through slow cooking at lower temperatures, tough stew meat becomes so tender that it almost falls apart. Stew can be prepared in a skillet or a cast-iron Dutch oven.

How long to cook?

Stew requires slow cooking to achieve the best result. The secret is slow cooking, allowing the less tender pieces of meat to slowly transform into soft, tender pieces. The cooking time varies depending on the type of meat and the size of the pieces. On average, stew should simmer for at least one and a half to three hours over low heat. This process gives the enzymes and collagen in the meat enough time to break down, resulting in a deliciously tender outcome. It takes a while, but when your dish is ready, patience pays off.

Popular stew recipes

Some of the most well-known recipes include:

  • - Flemish Stew: A Belgian recipe made from beef stewed in dark beer, with the addition of onions, mustard, and herbs.
  • - Boeuf Bourguignon: A classic French dish where beef is stewed in red wine, usually Burgundy, with additions such as bacon, onion, carrot, and mushrooms. It's known for its deep flavors and tender texture.
  • - Greek Stifado: This Greek stew often contains lamb, stewed in tomato sauce with onions, garlic, spices like cinnamon and bay leaf, and sometimes red wine.
  • - Osso Buco: An Italian dish where veal shanks are stewed in white wine, broth, and tomato sauce. Typically served with gremolata, a mixture of lemon zest, parsley, and garlic, for extra freshness.
  • - Hungarian Goulash: Goulash is a Hungarian stew with beef, paprika, onion, and often potatoes. It's seasoned with spices like caraway seeds and paprika and cooked until the meat is tender.

Looking for a recipe?

We have the following recipes for you:

Stew with vegetables

The best meat for stew? You'll find it at BEEF&STEAK

When you're looking for the tastiest meat for your stew dish, you naturally order from BEEF&STEAK. Order easily online via the webshop. If you have any questions, we're here to help.

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