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Sherwood Irish Grass-Fed

Sherwood Irish Grass-Fed

The Irish beef you find on our website comes from two breeds: Hereford and Dexter. High quality beef from the Irish grasslands.

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The local grass and herbs take in the animals while grazing. This makes the meat extra tender and tasty. 

Wide range of Irish grass-fed beef

At BEEF& STEAK you will find a wide selection of the finest Irish grass-fed beef for the BBQ, or to prepare in the oven or pan. From a nice picanha or bavette to a tenderloin and various rib roasts. We carefully select the most beautiful pieces of the best breeds and farms. You buy your Irish grass-fed beef at BEEF& STEAK also with all certainty. If you are not satisfied, you can use our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Under the products you will find more information if you want to know more about our Irish grass-fed beef, the breeds and origin.

Ireland is known for its beautiful beef. At BEEF& STEAK we only select grass-fed beef from the best suppliers and the best breeds. The cows roam freely outside and graze the local grass and they also eat various herbs. The good conditions and nutrition ensure high-quality meat. 

Our Irish grass-fed beef comes from Dexter Beef and Hereford Beef.

The Dexter beef

The Dexter beef is known for its small size but good quality meat and milk. This breed is originally from Southern Ireland where it was kept on a very small scale by farmers. In the nineteenth century, this breed was transmitted and introduced in America. In addition to the small stature, the breed can also be recognized by the inky black coat.

The Hereford cattle

The Hereford is probably one of the most famous beef cattle.  The short, but very muscular animals have a nice meat ratio. The breed was bred in the seventeenth century to meet the high demand for high-quality meat. In the past, these cattle were much larger and swords than they are now. They could weigh up to 1500 kilos. The cattle can be recognized by their brown and white mottled coat and broad head.

Matured Irish beef

After the production of the meat, everything is vacuum packed and matured for 28 days. This process is called "wet ripening" and ensures that the flavors become more intense and the meat more tender. The meat also gets that typical deep red color that you like to see on your plate.

Why choose Irish grass-fed beef?

The main reason for choosing Irish grass-fed beef is of course because it is very beautiful and tasty meat. In addition, the good care for the animals. Because Ireland is relatively close and because of our many years of cooperation with Irish farmers, our selection has a very good price/quality ratio. You buy at BEEF& STEAK also with all certainty. If you are not satisfied, you can use our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Irish beef recipes

We have a whole wide range of Irish grass-fed beef. Delicious to prepare on the BBQ but also excellent to prepare as a home chef in the pan or oven. We have put together various recipes for you. Think of the recipe for standing rib roast with garlic and thyme to a Beef Hammer or bavette roulade.

To make it easy for you, we have added the most relevant recipes to each product. But of course you can also take a look at our very extensive collection of recipes.

Contact us 

Would you like some more information? Or do you have any questions before ordering Irish grass-fed beef?  We can be reached by telephone on the telephone number (0172) 577 147. You can also email us at