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All you have to do is tick how much of everything you want to receive. You can also choose the rub or sauce yourself. We do have a number of matching suggestions ready for you, but the choice is yours.

High-quality meat packages for every occasion

Whatever meat you need; you will find it at Beef & Steak. When it comes to meat packages, you can also choose from an extensive range. For example:

but also complete packages to make the tastiest dishes. Our packages contain the most important ingredients and we have an extensive recipe. you can choose from real BBQ Bestsellers and some more culinary dishes from our Chef Sylvia.

With één click you will receive a package of your choice that is perfect for the barbecue, gourmet or other occasion. In addition to a handy preparation instruction, you will also find recipes with each package that you can make with the meat from the package. This makes making spare ribs or a low&slow pulled pork easy for everyone!

Benefit from fast delivery and deliciously tender meat

Would you like to order delicious tender meat easily and quickly, for example for a barbecue or just for dinner? Then choose one of our meat packages and benefit not only from convenience, but also from extra competitive prices. The meat is delivered to your home in fully recycled and recyclable packaging. This keeps it at the right temperature for a long time, you can possibly freeze it at home and we also contribute to the preservation of our planet. If you order before 11:00, you will receive the package the same evening. Do you want to know more about our meat or the deliveries? Call to (0172) 577 147.