Special beer is hip and you can now see it all around you. You see beer not only in the brown cafes, but also more and more in the supermarket and online. Thanks to the development of all this special beer, you can now enjoy a beer with your dinner, instead of wine, for example.

Food Pairing

Combining drinks and food is a profession in its own right. With the enormous range of beers, more and more combinations are possible. For example, nowadays you have special beer which is heavier for stew and game dishes, for example. But you also have lighter beers that go well with homemade spare ribs. Food pairing helps to find and record those perfect combinations.

In the "Bierbutler-App", which can be downloaded for Apple and Android, among others, you can easily find the perfect beer for your dish, but also find a suitable dish for your beer. Download it and a new world will open up for you! Discover the different types of beer We have selected a number of delicious beers in collaboration with Bierbutler. Something for every dish. Order your beer now easily and have it delivered to your home throughout the Netherlands.


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