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Zeeuwsche Zoute

Zeeuwsche Zoute

View our beautiful range of Zeeuwsche Zoute, the only saltworks in the Netherlands, and that makes these products unique, special and 100% homegrown.

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How is salt extracted from the Oosterschelde?

It is a conscious choice for Zeeuwsche Zoute to extract water from the Oosterschelde. In addition to the fact that the water is the cleanest European seawater, the Oosterschelde is also the largest protected nature park in the Netherlands. The salt from the Oosterschelde is filtered after extraction and this guarantees that the product remains as pure as possible. The seething of the salt is also done in a completely closed environment in order to prevent pollution from the outside. This method therefore fully meets the requirements of the Dutch authorities, in contrast to the open salt pans in the Mediterranean Sea.

Artisanal method

Zeeuwsche Zoute has also revived a centuries-old tradition. The seething is done by hand. The whole process from water to salt crystal takes about 3 days. During salting, calcium is extracted by hand. This gives a unique, smooth taste to the salt and makes it dé ultimate flavor enhancer in the kitchen. Calcium gives salt a hard and somewhat bitter taste.

Working with local suppliers

There are a number of flavour variants within the Zeeuwsche Zoute range. These are natural salts to which products are added, for example wakame and samphire. Zeeuwsche Zoute only works with local suppliers and also offer them a fair price for these products. This is the most sustainable solution and 100% Dutch products can also be offered at the best quality.

Sustainability and CO2

In addition to producing a traditional and honest product, Zeeuwsche Zoute also pays a lot of attention to the world around us. The energy needed to produce the salt is extracted as much as possible from pure and renewable energy from Zeeland windmills. Every year the final CO2 footprint is reduced. All packaging materials are also as sustainable as possible. The salt mills consist of a container made of glass and the grinder is made of biodegradable corn flour, this makes the salt mill 100% recyclable.


Beef& Steak is not the only one who thinks that Zeeuwsche Zoute makes a beautiful product. Many certificates and awards have already been awarded to Zeeuwsche Zoute. In September 2021, Zeeuwsche Zoute was even named "Best Food Novelty" during the food specialties trade fair. It is therefore not surprising that many restaurants, including Restaurant "de Bokkedoorns" (2 Michelin stars) and Restaurant "Rijks" (1 Michelin star), use the salt of Zeeuwsche Zoute in their kitchen.