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Brisket is the holy grail of barbecue. Try this Texan specialty at least once! ... Read more
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Preparing a brisket: an American challenge on the BBQ

What makes the brisket and its preparation so special? Through a special technique of preparation, you can master the brisket and enjoy a delicious and tender piece of meat.

The technique is special because you absolutely cannot grill a brisket when preparing it. The brisket is prepared low &slow on a barbecue or in a smoker. This technique can be compared to stewing meat. By cooking at a low temperature, the collagen is converted into gelatin and turns a tough piece of meat into a buttery delicacy. In America, the beef brisket is a tradition, especially in Texas. Everywhere you can buy a sandwich brisket or a BBQ mix with spare ribs, pulled pork and brisket. Not that all briskets taste equally good there, it just depends on how good and experienced the 'brisket master' is. A famous restaurant in Austin (Texas) is Franklin Barbecue and is known for its great brisket.

The brisket itself consists of two different parts; the point and the flat. The flat is the muscle that lies at the bottom and has a somewhat square shape. The point is like a triangle on top of it. You can buy this beautiful piece of meat as 'Whole Packer' or as'Brisket Point'. A 'Whole Packer' is quite hefty, think of about 7 kilos, while the point is already available from about 2.5 kilos. A brisket must come from a beef with sufficient marbling, never just choose a pointed breast of a fat-billed cow, for example.

How to prepare a brisket according to Dutch recipe

To prepare a brisket according to this recipe in Dutch, you have to take your time. The risk of preparing this piece of meat is that it becomes somewhat dry. The preparation is as follows:

The brisket is trimmed beforehand to remove the fat edges and make the shape a bit more even. Then, and this is very crucial, you use a suitable dry rub to lubricate the brisket. Wrap the brisket in aluminum foil. Prepare the brisket for 2.5 hours per kilo at a temperature of 110 degrees Celsius. The core temperature must eventually reach 90 degrees Celsius. If you wish, you can inject the brisket with beef broth with a meat injector. When the brisket is ready, let it sink into the foil so that the juices can be distributed again through the meat.

Cutting the brisket

You always cut the brisket into thin, straight slices after preparation. Then you have the choice to combine this with bread, rice or any other recipe. Only then do you use a sauce that does justice to the taste of the brisket.

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Beef brisket is delicious, however you prepare it

Brisket is a piece of beef that can come from the cow's lower breast or breast and is packed with flavor. To tenderize beef brisket when cooking, you need to use a low and slow cooking method.

This can be done with various methods, such as smoking, low &slow preparation or cooking in a slow cooker. Thinly sliced, beef brisket is a great sandwich spread and is often used as an ingredient in barbecue recipes.

Because there is such a wide variety of approaches to preparing beef brisket, you are sure to find a way that suits your liking. Whether you smoke it or cook it low and slowly, by buying beef brisket you can be sure that you are getting a nice piece of meat!

Brisket can be purchased at BEEF&STEAK easily and quickly

Meat called brisket is removed from a cow's breast or lower breast during slaughter. Because it's a tough cut of meat, it can be challenging to prepare it properly if you're not familiar with the right techniques. On the other hand, brisket, if prepared properly, can become very tasty and tender.

There are two different cuts of brisket: the point cut and the flat cut. The flat cut is the more common of the two; it's the one you're most likely to encounter. The tip cut is chewable and fatty, but tastes different from the other cuts.

When preparing beef brisket, it is essential to remember that a low and slow cooking method produces the best results. This means that you cook the meat for a longer period of time at a relatively low temperature. It is possible to accomplish this task with the help of a slow cooker, an oven or a barbecue. Make sure you know how to prepare the meat when buying beef brisket. It would of course be a shame if it tastes less due to the way it is prepared!

Order beef brisket for a delicious piece of lean beef

Finally, remember that you get a lean piece of beef when you go buy brisket; As a result, it is essential that you do not overcook the meat, because if you do, the beef brisket can become rough and dry. If you need help or advice before buying beef brisket, feel free to contact us. You can easily order brisket at BEEF&STEAK.

A few different methods of preparation can be used when preparing brisket. Grilling or smoking brisket is an alternative to the slow preparation method that is most common. Soft and good cooking will prevent the brisket meat from becoming too dry.

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Preparing brisket takes some skill but once you get the hang of it, brisket meat is delicious!

To make beef brisket a buttery smooth dish, you need to discover the ideal ratio of low heat, smoke and a long cooking time. To guarantee that the collagen in the muscle tissue is broken down and the meat becomes more tender as a result, it is best to prepare the brisket according to a low and slow method.

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