Gildehoen Chicken

Gildehoen Chicken

Gildehoen Chicken

Gildehoen and Label Rouge

Chicken that tastes like it used to be, that is what we choose at Beef & Steak, we sell the Gildehoen chicken. Chicken should normally grow and not 'pop'. Fortunately, many consumers realize that this should not be the right course of events. The Gildehoen is fortunately not popped; this chicken gets the space and can enjoy better food. Thus, this specific type of meat is a chicken fillet that does not release a glass of water during baking and is also tasteful. And are you familiar with a chicken thigh? This is delicious and probably the tastiest piece of the chicken. With the chicken wings of the Gildehoen you make the most delicious Chicken Wings.

Our Gildehoen chicken has the space!

Chicken is a very popular type of meat in our country. So popular that poultry farmers often work with the so-called 'flop chicken'. It is a cultivated variety that grows so fast that it can hardly stand on its own feet. Our guinea fowl is of a different breed, namely the Hubbard breed, and grows much less quickly. A much more natural chicken, which also gets a lot more space in the barn. In addition, you also have certain types of chicken with antibiotics. With the 'fluff chicken' it is standard in the feed. That is called preventive. The Guinea fowl and the Label Rouge chicken certainly do not get such food. The Guinea Fowl is guaranteed free of antibiotics!

So enjoy real taste and choose a 'real' chicken. Do you have questions about the Gildehoen or other Beef & Steak meat? Please contact us via e-mail:, or telephone: 0172-577147.


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