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Competition Cuts

Competition Cuts

The number of BBQ matches throughout Europe can not be counted anymore. The many matches cost a lot of time, energy, but also a lot of money.

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ca. 1400 gram
Angus Beef
ca. 4750 gram
ca. 700 gram
Gildehoen Poultry
Iberico Baby Back Spareribs
Iberico Pork
ca. 400 gram
Wagyu Beef
ca. 8750 gram
Iberico Pork
ca. 1600 gram
Gildehoen Thigh with skin
Gildehoen Poultry
ca. 950 gram
ca. 1100 gram
Irish Beef
ca. 2600 gram
Wellfoort Chicken Thighs
Wellfoort Farms
ca. 950 gram
Wellfoort Farms
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Not only the registration, transport and transport, overnight stays and fuel, herbs and other by-products cost a lot of money ... even the meat that is used costs the teams a serious money. Beef & Steak likes to stimulate the way to these matches in order to be able to show and taste the BBQ and to a much larger audience. As a team you therefore receive a special account with which you can order these items at a discount of 30%. If you do not have the special discount yet, please contact us via

Meat for BBQ Competitions

Above you will find all recommendations regarding meat products to use during these competitions. Experience shows that these selected pieces are easy to prepare, the jury has the right taste and can therefore also be ordered at special rates through our website.

Proven quality

Most of these beautiful pieces have already won several (international) prizes. The use of these pieces is of course no guarantee of success, the result falls and is in the preparation. The quality and the cuts are of top quality and with that you are already in the right direction.

Did you win prizes with one or more of our products, let us know and we provide some publicity on our website, Facebook page, our blog and in our newsletter. This way you get even more credits and you can enjoy your victory even more.

Kansas City Barbecue Society

Would you like to participate in competitions as a team, you should take a look at the website of the Kansas City Barbecue Society.

There are now dozens of BBQ Teams in the Netherlands and Belgium. A number of these teams even participated by invitation in competitions in America, the big stage of the BBQ world. We now work with a number of (international) teams and we are proud to be able to support these teams in their passion. Do you want to know more about these teams? Below is a list with some of these teams and a link to their website or Facebook page. You can follow them via Facebook so that you are always aware of the competitions in which they participate.

White Squirrel BBQ Reserve Grand Champion Meat, Smoke & Beer Weissensee 2018

iQ BBQ NL Grand Champion 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Rubmaster BBQ Team Reserve Grand Champion Tony Stone 2016

Rokende Regahs NL Brisket Champion 2017

Smoke on the Wild Side

Flying Dutchman BBQ

Dutch Bros Smokers

The right meat for the right catagory

The KCBS competitions are a serious matter. The course of the matches and all the rules around this are described by the KCBS and can be found on their page. Also the type of meat and how it is cut is important and you can even be disqualified by using the wrong pieces. You do not want that and for that reason we work with producers and suppliers who know how it works. Below is a recommendation for each of the 4 KCBS competition parts:

Brisket: Aberdeen Black Whole Packer Brisket or (if you can afford the Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket)

Pork: Pietrain Sherwood Boston Butt (an optimal meat-fat ratio and ideal marbling with a nice, long "money muscle")

Ribs: Pietrain Sherwood St. Louis Style Ribs (nice straight ribs for a perfect presentation and a delicious taste)

Chicken: Gildehoen Chicken thigh (firm skin and equivalent weights with a real chicken flavor from the past)

With these products the first step is taken to your first Grand Champion title!


Do you have questions about participating in competitions or the products below? Please contact us via or call us at (0172) 577 147