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New Zealand Lamb

New Zealand Lamb
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New Zealand lamb is known for its subtle taste and tenderness. The lands in New Zealand are vast and the animals walk freely there, grazing all the grasses, herbs and edible plants they encounter. The landowners are selected with care and all work according to the established guidelines:

New Zealand lamb

- Natural; The entire chain is and works naturally: no additives, antibiotics, pesticides and hormones. Everything is 100% pure nature.

- Integrity; Everyone in the chain pursues the same goal. All farmers and producers strive for pure quality, well-being and honesty in the chain. Due to the openness and transparency throughout the chain, a fair product is produced that everyone supports 100%.

- Quality; The quality of the lamb is the same all year round and therefore the product is suitable for being on the table all year round. This can only be achieved through the high-quality product, the best production facility and packaging and the perfect storage conditions, both fresh and frozen. For that reason, the product can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 years without loss of quality.

Beef& Steak works with various brands from New Zealand where Ovation is one of the most important, together with Silver Fern Farms.

New Zealand Farms

Ovation works mainly on the North Island of New Zealand. They have divided this island into 4 different areas; King Country, Central Plains, East Cape and Hawke's Bay. With regional farmers such as Paparata Farms, Otokurau Station, Mantle Hill and Anawai Station they are assured of the best lambs that this landscape can produce.

Silver Fern Farm is a company that specializes in venison and beef in addition to lamb. They only work with certified farmers and the Silver Fern Farms Farm Assurance program. This programme guarantees animal welfare, health and food safety. Waipori Station is ééone of the affiliated farmers. With an area of 12,000 hectares consisting of lush green grass, this is a true paradise.