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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to make everything as clear as possible for you on the website, but sometimes it is easy to put the most common questions in a handy overview to put. Below you can find the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, you can of course always email it to


Where does your meat come from?

Beef & Steak is theé online butcher with the widest range of meat from all over the world. We only choose the very best meat, with the best taste.  We take a critical look at sustainability and animal welfare. We don't accept chicken, pork from the Livar pig is much nicer and more animal-friendly than 'standard' pork, and we don't like unnecessary preservatives and e-numbers. Pure nature with real primal taste, that is what we strive for. Livar, Double purpose beef, Gildehoen, Texel lamb, Bommelse Blonde d'Aquitaine, Dry aged beef,  it all comes from the Netherlands. In addition, we get the best Iberico pork from Spain, Hereford and Angus beef from Uruguay and the Scottish Aberdeen Angus from Scotland.

What are the best cooking temperatures for meat?

If you prepare meat in the oven or on the barbecue, you have to deal with a preparation temperature and a core temperature of the meat. The preparation temperature is the temperature of your oven or bbq, you measure the core temperature with a core thermometer whose tip is in the core of the meat. The ideal temperature differs per type of meat.
Read more here: Preparation temperatures

Where can I find information about the nutritional values?

In the nutritional value table you will find all information arranged by product type. Find the nutritional values of our products here: Nutritional values

I am allergic or have guests with allergies. Can I eat your products?

All ingredients are listed with every product on the website. So you can see for yourself whether it contains ingredients to which you are allergic.


How do I find the product of my choice?

We offer more than 1000 quality products via our website that you can order directly. Choose a category from the menu or find your favorite product via our search function. Not sure what you want yet? No problem! We help you choose and, based on your preferences, indicate which piece of meat or which sauce or rub suits you best or the dish you want to prepare. The handy recipes and accompanying videos on the website ensure that you can prepare a great dish without any effort.

How can I order?

Did you find what you were looking for? Then simply add it to your shopping cart with a click on the order button. Then shop a little further to complete your order with, for example, a matching sauce or rub.
From your shopping cart you go to the next step. We need some information from you to complete the order, such as the delivery and billing address and your wishes regarding delivery and payment. You can also create an account right here. Not necessary, but it is very useful for a future order, so that you no longer have to enter all your details.

Have you filled in everything correctly and do you want to continue with your order? Then click on the button ‘place your order’, then we will get to work for you! You will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail containing all important information.
Would you like to speak to someone to help you make a choice from the range or order? Then feel free to call us on number 0172-577147. We can be reached by telephone every working day between 09:00 and 17:30.

I have not received a confirmation email, has my order been processed?

We will send the confirmation email to the email address you entered immediately after completing the order. Have you not received a message from us? That's annoying. Check carefully whether you have entered the correct e-mail address with your order (also pay attention to typing errors!) and check whether the e-mail has not ended up in the spam folder. Still not found? Mail or call us and we'll look into it!

You can prevent future emails from Beef&Steak from ending up in your spam box by marking Beef&Steak as a safe sender in your mail program. Check the settings of your mail program to see how to do this.

I have already placed an order and I would still like to order some more. How can I arrange this?

Of course you can! The easiest thing is to place a new order via the site and choose the option’ Back order’. If you then make a call to inform us of this, we can immediately add this to your current order.

Do you sell gift cards?

A Beef&Steak digital gift card is the perfect gift for any meat lover and barbecuer. You can use the gift voucher for the entire range. Would you like to give a workshop as a gift? Then take a look at the workshops and give a gift voucher where the recipient can choose the date. View the various gift vouchers here: Gift vouchers

I need a gift card last minute. Is this possible?

We can create and send you a digital gift card within minutes. This way you will never be empty-handed! We can make a digital copy of every gift voucher in our range and send it by e-mail. Please call or email us so that we know you are in a hurry. This is only possible on weekdays during office hours

Can I safely order and pay via the Beef&Steak webshop?

Ordering and paying through our website is very safe. We are certified by the Webshop Keurmerk foundation and we adhere to their conditions. More information can be found here: Webshop Keurmerk

Online payments are handled by Mollie, one of the most reliable and secure payment parties worldwide.

How do you handle my data?

We handle your personal data with care. Of course we need some information from you to be able to process the order. If you wish, we will send you an e-mail newsletter, which you can also easily unsubscribe from. We also use cookies on the website, both functionally and analytically. More information about privacy and your data can be found in our privacy policy: Our Privacy Policy

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay online safely and quickly via our website with iDeal, Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, American Express without extra costs, pay afterwards ( + €0.99 ) or redeem your Webshop Gift Card. Do you choose ‘ pick up in store’  then you can pay on the spot with a debit card or cash.

How does "Postpay" via Klarna work?

If you choose to pay afterwards, we will send you (via our partner Klarna) immediately after sending the order, an email with a payment request. Via the link in the email you can then pay online with iDeal, Paypal, credit card or via a bank transfer. So you pay directly to Klarna.

How can I pay by bank transfer?

Have you agreed with us to transfer the amount? Our account number is: IBAN NL 69 ABNA 0108 3228 07, in the name of Beef & Steak, stating the order number. For customers abroad: BIC = ABNANL2A.

I have a Webshop Gift Card, how can I redeem it?

On the website of the Webshop Giftcard< /a> you can convert your card into a discount code. Then place your order on the Beef&Steak website, but do not enter a discount code in your shopping cart yet. Choose the payment option ‘ Webshop Gift Card’ and complete the order. You will then automatically be redirected to the Webshop Giftcard website, where you can enter your code and pay any remaining amount with the payment method of your choice (for example iDEAL).


When will I receive the products?

Beef&Steak delivers orders on the same or the next day to your home, from Monday to Saturday. For example, if you want your meat at home on Wednesday, make sure that the order reaches us before 10 a.m. on that same Wednesday. You can always choose a desired delivery time during the ordering process. You can order up to 5 working days in advance. Please note: Orders placed after Friday 12:30 PM will be delivered from the following Monday.

How does home delivery work?

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays we deliver to any address in the Netherlands and Belgium. (with the exception of the Wadden Islands and French-speaking Belgium) between 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM. On the day of delivery you will receive an e-mail from our delivery person around 3 p.m. with a track and trace link in which he indicates a more specific time window. On Wednesdays and Saturdays we deliver to any address in the Netherlands (with the exception of the Wadden Islands) between 08:00 and 18:00. If you are unexpectedly prevented at that time, you can also leave a message for the delivery person, so that we can deliver the package to your neighbors, for example. If you are not at home and have not provided any delivery instructions, the delivery person will try to deliver the package to one of your neighbors anyway. Tip: inform your neighbors of any delivery, so that they can take into account that it concerns a shipment with meat products that must be kept in the fridge or freezer.

When do you deliver to the Wadden Islands and French-speaking Belgium?

We currently deliver once a week in French-speaking Belgium. On Tuesday afternoon we hand over the packages to PostNL. These parcels are sorted the same evening at the sorting center and then delivered within 24 to 48 hours.  If you order before 12 noon on Tuesday, the order will be delivered during the day on Wednesday/Thursday.

Can I pick up my order myself?

Would you rather pick up your order at our store in Ter Aar? Then indicate this with your order. As soon as your order is ready, we will send an email. You can pick up your order during opening hours. The shop is open on weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm and on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Beef&Steak Shop:
Hertog van Beijerenstraat 23
2461 EM Ter Aar< br />(Industrial Park Bovenland)

Are the products always delivered frozen?

Yes, the meat products are always delivered frozen, in order to guarantee the best possible quality. Tip: have your meat delivered 1-2 days earlier, then you can have it defrosted in time. If you pick up your order from us, we can slowly defrost the meat for you in our special 0-degree cell. If you would like this, please indicate it with your order in the comments field.

How can I best store the meat?

Have you received your products, place them immediately in the freezer. You can see the expiration date of each product on the labels. Most of the meat products can be kept for at least 3 months at -18 degrees Celsius. We recommend taking the meat out of the freezer 1 to 2 days before consumption and placing it in the refrigerator. After thawing, the products have a limited shelf life and we do not recommend refreezing.

How can I defrost the meat faster and how do I do that?

Of course it can happen that you forgot to defrost the meat in time. You can then defrost it more quickly by holding the meat, packaging and all, under a cold tap. Please note that the packaging is still properly vacuum! If this is no longer vacuum, water will reach the meat and the quality of the meat will deteriorate considerably.

Can I refreeze thawed meat?

Once meat or fish has thawed, we recommend consuming it within 5 days. Refreezing is not possible if a product is completely thawed and has been above 7 degrees Celsius (for chicken 4 degrees Celsius).

The vacuum package is no longer intact, what can I do?

Before shipping, we carefully check whether the packaging is properly vacuumed. However, during transport, sharp edges of the ice cream may form which may damage the packaging. Unfortunately, this cannot be prevented. The punctured packaging will not affect the quality of the product, we recommend that you wrap the meat in cling film if you want to store it for a longer period of time. Please note: when defrosting, meat juices may run out of the packaging.

Do you use sustainable packaging?

We think it is very important to pack as sustainably as possible, so that the environment is burdened as little as possible. For that reason we do not use styrofoam (EPS) or other environmentally polluting packaging. The packaging used is fully recyclable, degradable and/or reusable. With daily delivery on Wednesday and Friday, you no longer have any packaging material at all and we deliver everything in a reusable cooler bag.

What can I do with the used packaging?

The Beef&Steak cooler bag that your order is packed in looks nice and you can always reuse it. For example, do your (refrigerated) groceries with it, or take it with you for a day at the beach. You can also keep the bag and return it to us at a later time in our store in Ter Aar.

The cooler bag contains frozen gel packs that ensure that the meat products remain at the right temperature. These gel packs are 100% natural and environmentally friendly! You can reuse the gel packs to keep everything refrigerated. Handy when shopping, or for cooling drinks, for example, during a day out! If you do not want to reuse them, you can cut open the gel packs and dispose of the contents via the sink. Make sure that the gel packs are at room temperature, then this will be easier. The packaging can simply be disposed of with the residual waste.

The cool bag with gel packs must of course be transported insulated. We pack this cooler bag in a recycled cardboard box with so-called ‘insulation mats’ around the cool bag. The insulation mats are also made from 100% recycled paper. You can dispose of both packagings with the waste paper collection.

What are the shipping costs?

You pay no shipping costs with an order from €75,- for shipping in the Netherlands. If you have a smaller order, the shipping costs are €6.95 (or €9,95 for orders under €35,-).

For orders to Belgiumë we charge standard € 9.95 to € 12.95 shipping costs. Orders over € 150,- are free of shipping costs.

Why are your shipping costs higher than, for example,

Shipping perishable goods is a complicated process. It is very important that the products are transported under certain conditions and are delivered at the right temperature. For that reason, the costs incurred for this are also higher than for sending a book. Of course we try to keep these costs as low as possible.


Can I cancel the order and/or return the products?

Most of our products (meat and fish) fall under the ‘ perishable goods’. Unfortunately, it is not possible to return these products. Non-perishable products, such as sauces, rubs, books, etc. can be returned within 14 days. Do you want to return something? Please report this to us so that we can provide you with return instructions. After receiving the products (in their original condition and packaging), we will refund the full purchase price.


Do you also give barbecue workshops?

Yes! You can follow various workshops at Beef&Steak, for example with your family and friends or with your company. There is a workshop for everyone, from beginner to advanced. `The workshops are given at our workshop location in Ter Aar. Learn more about the possibilities: Beef&Steak Workshops

Where is the workshop location?

All workshops take place at our workshop location at Westkanaalweg 68 in Ter Aar. (You can park at the end of the driveway, behind the roof)

Where can I register if I want to organize a private workshop?

< br>

Great that you are interested in a workshop! You can receive information by sending an email to with the desired workshop, group size, desired date and any alternative dates. We will then send you a suitable quote as soon as possible.

I have booked a workshop, but I want to cancel it. Is that possible?

There can of course always be reasons to cancel a workshop. We need a lot of preparation for our workshops and have to buy products. Therefore, cancellation is only possible up to 4 days before the start of the workshop. If you want to cancel, please contact us in good time.

What is Beef&Steak?< /span>

The best experience for meat lovers, that is what we strive for since our foundation in 2008. As enthusiasts, we started with our online butcher and home delivery so that every private has access to the finest meat and special cuts. We bring meat with real flavour, including unknown cuts, and we want to introduce the Netherlands to new flavors and experiences. Read more about our company here: About Us

Do you have a store?

You are very welcome in our store in Ter Aar.

The address is:

Hertog van Beijerenstraat 23
2461 EM Ter Aar

What are the opening hours of Beef&Steak?

The store is open weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

How can I reach you?

Have a question? We are happy to help you! You can reach us by e-mail or telephone or visit the store: Contact

What are the opening hours of the Beef&Steak shop-in-shops?

Garden Center Osdorp, Amsterdam

247 Osdorperweg


Monday to Saturday: 09:30 - 18:00

Sunday: 12:00 - 17:00