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Beef Steaks

Beef Steaks

There are many different types of the popular meat known as steak. It has a juicy and robust flavor and is cut from the top sirloin or thick flank of the beef.

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Irish Beef
ca. 175 gram
Angus Beef
ca. 250 gram
Dubbeldoel - Belgisch Blauwwit
ca. 150 gram
ca. 150 gram
ca. 125 gram
ca. 150 gram
ca. 240 gram
Wagyu Beef
ca. 240 gram
Angus Beef
ca. 75 gram
Black Angus Beef
ca. 150 gram
Dubbeldoel - Belgisch Blauwwit
ca. 175 gram
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Buy Steak at Beef&Steak

Dutch sirloin and American ribeye are just two examples of the various steaks you can find at Beef&Steak!

It's a popular meat cut known for its flavor and juiciness. Different parts of beef, including the sirloin, rump, and shoulder, can be used to make steak. The taste and texture vary depending on the part of the animal from which it is cut, contributing to the unique qualities of this piece of meat.

Raw Steak

The Juicy and Flavorful Characteristics of Steak

The exquisite marbling of the meat is one of the key elements that distinguish steak from other foods. The juicy and flavorful properties of the meat are due to the thin layers of fat running through it. A particularly tender and flavorful steak is created as the fat melts during cooking and permeates the meat.

It is beloved because it can be prepared in a variety of ways. The meat can be perfectly seasoned and cooked to the desired doneness by grilling, pan-frying, roasting, or even sous-vide cooking. Additionally, a variety of herbs, marinades, and sauces can be used to serve it, enhancing the flavor of the meat even more.

There are so many ways to prepare steak

It can be prepared as a simple steak with salt and pepper or as an elaborate dish, such as the traditional steak au poivre with a creamy peppercorn sauce. The meat can also be added to a variety of dishes, such as salads.

The ease with which steak can be adapted to your taste is another factor. While some people prefer their meat medium or well-done, others enjoy it bleu or rare. This makes steak a meat cut that people with different tastes can enjoy.

Delicious Steak Buying Online at Beef&Steak

For the best results in cooking steak, it is crucial to consider the thickness of the meat and the desired doneness. You can be sure that the piece of beef you eat will be flavorful and delicious and will meet all your expectations if you pay attention to the preparation. Want to know more about this premium cut and how to best prepare it? Feel free to contact us!

Steak is a classic among meat lovers

We at Beef & Steak know how important taste and quality are when buying meat. That's why we give you the opportunity to easily and conveniently order online. Check out our extensive selection of steak products on our website and discover the taste of a perfectly cooked steak. Ordering steak online has never been easier! Choose Beef&Steak for your next meal because of the quality and convenience and enjoy a delicious and tender piece of meat.

Steak is one of the most popular meat types in the world

Steak is valued for its flavor and tenderness. The meat is cut into thick slices and taken from the loin of the cow before being cooked over high heat or grilled. The result is a flavorful, juicy, and tender premium cut.

Because it is relatively lean meat, it has a flavor that is both delicate and robust. Because there is not much connective tissue in the meat, it is also naturally tender, keeping the meat juicy and tender even after cooking. Additionally, a good piece has a beautiful marbling that enhances the flavor and moisture of the meat.

The beef can be prepared in various ways. Often with a straightforward sauce, such as béarnaise or peppercorn sauce, but it can also be combined with herb butter, mushrooms, or grilled vegetables. Moreover, this meat goes well with many different side dishes, such as baked potatoes, fries, or a crispy salad.

Easy-to-prepare beef

This piece of meat also has the great advantage of being relatively easy to prepare, making it ideal for a quick meal. With the right technique, a steak can be prepared and served in less than 10 minutes while remaining juicy and tender. It is also a beloved meat for special occasions like a festive meal with friends or a romantic dinner for two.

It is delicious meat that is popular with all meat eaters. It is a versatile option for all kinds of meals and occasions thanks to its flavor and tenderness. A perfectly cooked steak will always be a hit, whether you're looking for a quick meal or a cozy evening with friends and family.

Prepared Steak

Steak in Various Varieties

Steak comes in many types, sizes, and flavors. It is often derived from the short muscles of a cow. The beautiful, red color of steak is caused by the oxygen in these parts. The protein myoglobin has the property that it changes color when it comes into contact with oxygen. The muscles that do a lot of work hold onto these proteins better and store a supply of myoglobin. The result: a delicious piece of beef.

Darker steaks

Animals with a lot of endurance, such as deer, therefore have an even darker, redder color. Additionally, steak contains a lot of iron. So it's an ideal steak to get your strength back! Do you choose a steak from a calf, deer, or just a Wagyu cow? When you choose a steak from Beef&Steak, you choose delicious tender meat.

Prepared Venison Steak

Order your steak easily at the online butcher

Make it easy for yourself and order your delicious steak through our online butcher. Place your order today so you can enjoy your beef tomorrow. Do you have any questions? Beef&Steak is available by phone every weekday at (0172) 577 147. The Beef&Steak team consists only of specialists and meat lovers. We therefore have all the knowledge to provide you with the right information and the finest products.