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Aberdeen Angus Aged

Aberdeen Angus Aged

Angus meat is meat with a red color. After the preparation the meat is still soft en juicy and it has a delicious characteristic tast. You will find various kinds of tasteful meat of the Aberdeen Angus.

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Aberdeen Angus Blade Steak
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Aberdeen Angus, Pure Enjoyment

After roasting, the meat remains tender and juicy and has a delicious, distinctive flavor. The pure Angus burger has been one of our absolute bestsellers for years. But there's more: you're also in for a treat with a tasty Tomahawk or a delicious rib steak at Beef&Steak.

The Aberdeen Angus Breed

Aberdeen Angus is the original name of the breed from Scotland, from the counties of Aberdeenshire and Angus. This original breed is also known as Black Angus with its own registry in the United States. The animals have short legs and a characteristic wide head, without horns.

What is the Origin of the Meat?

Our meat, including the brand 'Scotch Beef,' comes directly from the heart of the Scottish Highlands. The beautiful black cattle graze on the highlands where they can roam peacefully and freely without stress. They mainly feed on herb-rich and almost woody food. You can definitely taste the quality of the meat. Our supplier pays close attention to the quality of animal feed and even the quality of the grass. The animals give birth to small calves and have hardly any problems during calving, which happens naturally. There is a lot of focus on research for animal welfare and sustainability through various research programs. (

Order Aberdeen Angus Beef at Beef&Steak

The combination of taste, texture, and shape is so balanced that no piece of beef can compete with an Aberdeen Angus steak. Chefs worldwide praise the meat for its beautiful color and marbling. A flavorful and tender Aberdeen Angus burger or tournedos is definitely a must-have for your barbecue.

Want to Know More or Need Advice from the Butcher?

Beef&Steak is an online butcher that values quality, honesty, sustainability, taste, and experience highly. Our cattle breeds are of high quality and come from animal-friendly farms all over the world. For more questions about our products and services, you can always contact us via