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Japanese Wagyu (Marbling 10+)

Japanese Wagyu (Marbling 10+)

If you are familiar with the Wagyu marbling Scale, you will know that a higher number means that the meat has more marbling and is therefore rarer and more expensive. This beautiful Wagyu meat from Japan has an unprecedented high marbling and is therefore ideally suited for the more exclusive dishes.

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Wagyu Beef
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Japanese A5 Wagyu Kagoshima

The Japanese Back A5 Kagoshima beef, with a marbling of 10 or more, is perhaps the finest and most tender piece of beef currently available.

In Japan you have the Japanese Meat Grading Association and they assign scores to the beef carcasses.

Grade A1: Marbling Score 1 out of 12

Grade A2: Marbling Score 2 out of 12

Grade A3: Marbling Score 3 to 4 out of 12

Grade A4: Marbling Score 5 to 7 out of 12

Grade A5: Marbling Score 8 to 12 out of 12

Wagyu beef has traveled all over the world in recent decades. When the export of cattle was prohibited, embryos were exported and then inseminated in beef cows, such as the Angus. This has resulted in many crossings and not all Wagyu cattle are 100% Wagyu. Again, a certain scale has been created to indicate this distinction. We do not list them all, but the most important are:

F1: 50% Wagyu

F3: 87.50% Wagyu

F7: 99.22% Wagyu

F10: 99.90% Wagyu

FB: 100% Wagyu, or Full Blood Wagyu

When assessing the carcasses, the quality of the meat and fat is also considered. The brighter the colors, the better the flesh and the higher the rating. The final gradation is then assigned with the above data. The better it is, the more money you will get for it.

Order Kagoshima Wagyu

We have a lot of Wagyu in stock and readily available. Especially Australian Wagyu beef is readily available. Unfortunately, we do not always have everything available for the Kagoshima Wagyu. On the website you will find the different steaks that we have in house at that time. You can easily order Kagoshima Wagyu online and have it delivered to your home. If you order before 11:00, you will receive the same evening.

How do I prepare Kagoshima Wagyu?

Wagyu meat with a high degree of marbling has a lot of intramuscular fat. This fat is released during grilling and there is a risk of flames if you grill directly above the coals. We therefore always recommend grilling meat with a high degree of marbling, such as Kagoshima Wagyu, using a skillet or other grill pan. Make sure the pan is hot and grill the steak alternately for a maximum of 2-3 minutes. No seasoning is required as Kagoshima Wagyu beef has enough flavor of its own.


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