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Australian Black Angus

Australian Black Angus
The Black Angus is the most famous breed of cattle in the world. With it's rich marbling and meat that's prefect in texture and flavour there's nothing that compares. ... Read more
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Black Angus beef from Australia

These cows are not kept for milk. Our Australian Angus has been fattened with grain for 200 days and that is reflected in the sublime marbling. Australia; is 185 times the size of the Netherlands with 22 million inhabitants. The livestock population in Australia; is larger than the number of inhabitants, but due to the size of the country, the cattle have a lot of free space.

What feed do the Black Angus cattle get?

In Australiaëë careful attention is paid to the well-being and nutrition of the Black Angus. Due to the immense freedom, the cattle can graze whatever they want and are fed with a mix of corn and grains. In this way, the meat gets the optimal marbling and the delicious taste that you can expect from this Black Angus beef. All cattle are 100% hormone- and antibiotic-free.

Buy Black Angus beef online

This grain-fed beef is widely used in the catering industry. The quality is almost as good as grain-fed Black Angus beef from the USA, but a lot cheaper. Because the import duties on meat from Australia; lower, it can be offered cheaper. So enjoy friendly priced, grain-fed beef from Australia; and the convenience of ordering online.


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