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Double Purpose Cattle

Double Purpose Cattle

Cattle is sometimes kept for milk and sometimes for beef. We bring you the best of two worlds where cows are kept for milking and later on for beef purposes.


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Double purpose beef

This is a more sustainable way of keeping cattle. The proces is such that an excellent quality beef is produced.

Tasteful and high quality

In their farm, Heijdra Vleesvee, they work exclusively with DubbelDoel cows. The name says it all, these cows have a double purpose: after a productive life as a dairy cow, they are allowed to rest in the straw. Because of that 'all inclusive cow holiday' of about 120 days, surprisingly tasty and tender meat of high quality and with a nice edge of fat is created. DubbelDoel beef comes from the Frisian Holsteiner, Fleck-vieh or Montbeliarde Toprassen.

Sustainable choice

Edwin and Anita want the best for their cows, but also for nature and the climate. In the field of sustainability, they are truly pioneers. The cows are all on straw in a spacious barn with lots of daylight and fresh air. Their feed is completely free of antibiotocum and South American soy, the animals get grass and corn from their own land, potato chips from the Netherlands' most famous potato factory and beer grain (= residual product) from Dutch breweries. The concentrate comes from a Dutch family business in Genemuiden.

The CO2 footprint of the DubbelDoel cows is very small, because they are useful for both dairy and meat. The meat is delivered directly to us, so it does not have to travel many kilometers. Compare that with, for example, supermarket meat, which usually comes from abroad.

And last but not least: the meat is certified and meets all the requirements set by the Sustainable Beef Chain.

Learn more?

Do you have any questions about meat from Dubbeldoel cows? We are happy to tell you about it! Call us on (0172) 577 147, or mail to