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Italian Chianina

Italian Chianina

One of the oldest bovine races in the world is the Italian Chianina. It's been kept in the "Val di Chiana" for more than 22 centuries now.

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This valley is located in the south of Florence, in Toscane. The valley is known for its fruitable ground and its many spices. The Chianina was used for farming in the Middle Ages. Nowadays it's only kept for its meat.


It's the biggest beef cow int he world and can grow up to a shoulderheight of 2 meter. It has a white fur and a dark skin. Through this convenient combination is the ox able to regulate its own body temperature against the extreme heat or cold.

"Val di Chiana" is an enormous valley. Sometimes they need to walk for a long time to get to their food. Through this, the oxes have very strong legs. The cows grow really fast through the intensive walks and the fruitable ground. The oxes are already at good weight when they are young and can grow up to magnificant animals.

Beef&Steak specialists

We import the Chianina beef from Italy. We work close together with a company who is specialized in first class Chianina oxes. They only work with the best and beacouse of that we have to wait a little longer for this delicious meat sometimes. Especially the bone-in rib eye has a sublime taste. Our Chianina burgers are made of pure meat, so you can taste wat a wonderful taste these oxes have. .


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