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Foie Royale

Foie Royale

Foie gras is delicious. It is not for nothing that starred restaurants throughout Europe have it on the menu, despite its controversial nature.

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Foie Royale Eend
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With Foie Royale you can also let your inspiration run free at home. Without conscience, because no animal is awake!

Who is behind Foie Royale?

These are top chef Jonnie Boer and Oos Kesbeke, known for their table acid. These 2 professionals are always looking for new flavor combinations and are happy and successful to work together. Perhaps you know them from those beautiful jars (from Jonnie&Oos) with spicy cornichons or smoked beets and other pickled goodies. This Dreamteam simply has a nose for unique products. So when they heard that Joeri Groot had invented an animal-friendly alternative to foie gras, they knew they had something special. Because foie gras is delicious, but if you know how it is made, it loses its shine. Fortunately, the practice of force-feeding is prohibited by law in more and more countries in Europe.

And now there's Foie Royale...

Foie Royale is indistinguishable from foie gras. But the groundbreaking difference is that it is produced completely animal-friendly. And that was decisive for Oos and Jonnie. They see Foie Royale as a culinary sensation and a fully-fledged alternative to foie gras. If it were up to Oos and Jonnie, every top chef and every home cook in the Netherlands and Europe would choose foie royale's animal-friendly goose and duck liver now and in the future. Foie Royale: 100% animal-friendly, but beastly tasty. What more could you want….?