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Paul's Pie

Paul's Pie

Paul's Pies are made with two different types of butter dough. Finger-licking good' is the saying in New Zealand.

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ca. 200 gram

ca. 200 gram
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The bottom is firm enough so that the pie can be consumed by hand. Butter puff pastry ensures pure enjoyment of a crispy and flavorful lid. The tender, savory filling always promises to be a pleasant taste sensation.

The standard size of a Paul's Pie weighs 180 grams and is easy to prepare. Ideal as a snack or part of a meal with, for example, a tasty salad. Also delicious with a beer or glass of wine. I hope you will also enjoy this 'down-under' tradition and quality of Paul's Pie.


A Paul's Pie is made with passion and care. I strive to deliver a responsible product of high quality, not only in terms of taste and the raw materials used, but also in the choice of suppliers. I am proud to say that the Paul's Pie fillings are prepared in a 'culinary' kitchen and all production takes place in a BRC certified bakery.