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PitBoss SmokeIT App

PitBoss SmokeIT App

Uw Smoke iT-controller verbinden met de Pit Boss-app (iOS-versie) 

Volg deze eenvoudige instructies voor het verbinden van uw Smoke iT-controller met de Pit Boss-app, zodat u uw Grill kunt bedienen met uw iPhone. Zorg ervoor dat de Bluetooth-functie op uw iPhone is ingeschakeld voordat u begint.

1. Open je Pit Boss-app (Als je de app nog niet hebt gedownload, kun je dat hier in de APP Store (iOS) doen en hier in de Google Play Store (Android))


Bekijk in onderstaande video hoe je de SmokeIt App kunt installeren:

2. Select the Grill Icon in the Lower Middle Menu

3. Enter a Zone Name and Select “Save Zone” at the Bottom of the Screen
Be sure the address on the map is correct.

4. Select the Zone You Just Named

5. Select the Grill Model
If you do not see your grill on the screen, make sure it is plugged in.

 6. Name Your Grill and Select Connect
The Connect button will be on the bottom right.

7. Select the Grill Icon
If your grill is plugged in, the Grill Icon will be Bright When Discovered by the App. Select the Grill Icon.


8. Turn on Your Grill from the App
Select the Power Button in the Upper Right.  The grill should power on. Keep in mind that only the turn off function will be available when app is fully launched.

9. The App Will Brighten When On

Note the following:
Functions are across the top.
Smoker and grill readout will appear the same as on control.
The center dial can be rotated clockwise to increase temp and counterclockwise to decrease temp.
Probe readouts are below temp dial.
Key component icons are below probe readouts.
If “IT” icon on grill continually blinks, select the gear in the upper right corner and go to step 10 to initiate a firmware update.

10. Update Firmware
Select “update” to update the firmware on the control. You will see a progress bar in this section. Keep your screen on until update is complete. Once update is complete click the check mark on the bottom. You will need to power off your grill and unplug after updating. This feature will not be necessary when app is launched.
The icon in the top left of the control should stay solid once connected and the correct firmware is installed.

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