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Duroc Pork

Duroc Pork

The Duroc pig is known in culinary circles for its tender and juicy meat. A Duroc fillet is seen by many as a real delicacy and at Beef & Steak we now also have pork from Duroc for sale.

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We have included various roasts from the Duroc pig in the assortment of our online butcher shop. Here you can choose from a beautiful Duroc fillet of no less than 2500 grams, and you can even order a roast of 5750 grams at Beef & Steak. Take a look in our webshop for the tastiest Duroc pork and contact us for questions about the meat or the origin of the Duroc pig that we offer for sale.

A great Duroc fillet from a sustainably kept pig

The Duroc pig is becoming increasingly popular with barbecues, and given the rich taste of the pork, that is not surprising. At the Beef & Steak online butcher shop, however, animal welfare is also very important to us and we are convinced that Duroc pork is a lot better when the animals are well cared for, have sufficient room to move and get good nutrition. That is why we work together with the Heyde Hoeve who regularly offer a Duroc pig for sale at Beef & Steak. Here the pigs are kept sustainable and mainly eat grains from the environment that have been processed as little as possible. The result is a Duroc pig whose fillet has a sublime taste and you will definitely taste it!

At Beef & Steak you order a complete BBQ package with Duroc fillet

We have a passion for tasty meat and its preparation. At every part of the Duroc pig that we offer for sale, we therefore give you various options with recipes and tasty marinades that we have chosen for their unique taste on the barbecue. For example, our Stockyard Southern Blues marinade fits perfectly with our Duroc belly ribs and the Stockyard Memphis Red will give an extra taste sensation to the Heyde Hoeve Boston Butt. And if you are looking for a specific taste, you can always contact the employees of Beef & Steak. They can then advise you on an appropriate marinade and even discuss tasty recipes with you.

Contacting questions and advice

At Beef & Steak we want to ensure that our customers lack nothing. We are happy to advise you on a suitable recipe for the Duroc meat you have just ordered, and we will also tell you more about the origin of the meat. For this you can contact our extremely helpful customer service. This is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. You can reach us by calling (0172) 577 147. We would like to share our passion for quality meat with you! We would also like to hear from you on special requests. So if you are looking for a specialty that you have not come across in our online butcher shop, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us.