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Heyde Hoeve Pork

Heyde Hoeve Pork

Dutch Heyde Hoeve pork is Duroc pork at it's finest. The Duroc breed originated in New York, is a famous breed known for excellent pork quality.

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The origin of Duroc pigs

Duroc pigs are reddish brown colored pig with hanging ears. On the origins of the Duroc breed are different stories. Probably the Duroc swine came from America. This breed originated around 1800 from several red pig breeds. The modern Duroc pig is a crossing of the Red Jersey and older Duroc from New York. At Heyde Hoeve they have their own crossbreed.

Healthy meat!

The meat of these pigs fit into a healthy menu. Pork is rich in vitamins B1 and B6 and source of vitamin B12 and minerals like zinc. In addition, the vitamin B2 and supplies the minerals iron, phosphorus and selenium. Pork naturally contains protein and fat and no carbohydrates. Obviously the pigs grow up without growth added hormones. A good environment and strict hygiene keep the pigs healthy and  very little medication is used. To ensure that you always have antibiotic free meat  treated pigs have a statutory waiting period before they are slaughtered. The waiting period is the prescribed period which must elapse between the last administration of a veterinary medicinal product to an animal and obtaining food from this animal. This will of course be closely watched is recorded by a vet. So we guarantee you not only enjoy delicious but also safe meat!