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Heyde Hoeve Pork

Heyde Hoeve Pork

Duroc pigs are reddish-brown colored pigs with drooping ears. There are various stories about the origin of the Duroc breed.

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Heyde Hoeve Duroc

The Duroc pig likely originated from America. This breed emerged around 1800 from various red pig breeds. The modern Duroc pig is a cross between the Jersey Red and the older Duroc from New York. At Heyde Hoeve, we have our own crossbreed. Most of our pigs are pink, but occasionally there are litters of reddish-brown piglets!

Healthy Meat!

The meat from our pigs fits into a healthy diet. Pork is rich in vitamins B1 and B6 and a source of vitamin B12 and minerals such as zinc. It also provides vitamin B2 and the minerals iron, phosphorus, and selenium. Pork liver is also rich in vitamin A. Pork naturally contains protein and fat and no carbohydrates (source: Of course, our pigs grow without growth hormones. Due to a good climate and strict hygiene in the barn, our pigs are healthy and we use very few medications. To ensure that you always consume antibiotic-free meat, treated pigs have a legal withdrawal period before slaughter. The withdrawal period is the prescribed period that must elapse between the last administration of a veterinary medicinal product to an animal and the obtaining of food from this animal. This is closely monitored by our veterinarian, and everything is recorded. This way, we guarantee not only delicious meat but also safe meat!

Best Pig in the Netherlands

In October 2012, the Heyde Hoeve pig was chosen as the most sustainable and delicious pig in the Netherlands. The competition was organized by and Urgenda.

Healthy and Responsible Feed

Healthy feed is of great importance for healthy, strong pigs. Good feed also contributes to the taste of the meat. The feed is specially tailored to the Heyde Hoeve pigs. The (dry) feed consists of various grains supplemented with plant proteins, vitamins, and minerals. In addition, our porkers receive slop feed. Sloppy feed consists of by-products from the human food industry. An important component is wheat yeast. Furthermore, we use brewer's grains from the beer industry, whey from the dairy industry, and potato steam peels from the potato industry. Tasty and healthy for the pigs and good for the environment (recycling).

The piglets stay with the mother for 28 days, where they grow on mother's milk. To facilitate the transition from mother's milk to solid food, the piglets are supplemented with porridge and pellets. The porkers receive a handful of straw from the farmer daily. This contributes to the natural behavior of the pig and ensures good contact between the animal and the caregiver. Of course, the pigs have access to fresh water all day long.