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Leg Poultry

Gildehoen Chicken Drumstick

Tasty drumsticks from the Dutch Gildehoen. Packed per 4 pieces
Origin: Holland Storage condition: Frozen ≤ -18ºC

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These drumsticks from Dutch soil are perfect for making tasty BBQ drumsticks or Lollipops. The meat has a delicious taste of its own, but with a little spice you can make really fantastic drumsticks with this product. Packed per 4 pieces.
Kruid de drumsticks naar keuze en grill deze op hoog vuur tot een kerntemperatuur van circa 70 graden Celsius.
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Additional information
Herkomst Holland
Ingredients 100% chicken
Allergie Allergen-free, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, MSG-free, Nuts-free
Storage Frozen ≤ -18ºC
Aging Not applicable
Fattening Not applicable
Cooking method Barbecue, Oven, Dutch Oven, Skillet, Grill
nutricional value No

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