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Wellfoort Kip

Wellfoort Kip

Dutch, honest chicken, that's our standard. The Wellfoort chickens are an example of how you can keep poultry in a fair and sustainable way nowadays.

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ca. 450 gram
Wellfoort Chicken Thighs
ca. 550 gram
ca. 600 gram
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- free of antibiotics
- free of salmonella
- all-natural food
- smallest footprint
- of sustainable farms in the Netherlands and Belgium;

With this in mind, you naturally choose this beautiful product. Kept by farming families who, with love for their profession, are concerned with the welfare of their animals every day. The chickens of Wellfoort Farms are distinguished by a number of important characteristics.

- Vitaler; The chickens are of a strong breed and receive early feeding for a vital start

- Healthier; The chickens are 100% free of antibiotics and only receive natural and responsible feed

- More sustainable; low CO2 and particulate matter emissions give chicken the lowest footprint compared to other meat. The entire chain is also KiWa certified.

This 100% pure chicken also gives a wonderful taste. The beautiful, light meat, fine and tender structure appeals to everyone. Wellfoort Farms is a unique concept. By properly monitoring the entire chain, there is only room for attention to sustainability, animal welfare and consumer health.