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Rolled pork roast kit

Make your own pork loin roast with this kit
Origin: Holland
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1 Smokey Goodness Grill Blend
1 BBQ Tomahawk-app. 1000 gram
1 Irish Tomahawk steak-app. 1100 gram
1 Iberico Tomahawk-ca. 400 gram
Article number 3018
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Here's a complete combo for making a rolled pork loin roast.

The combo contains:

- Pork loin roast

- Butcher's string

- Dust2Dust Rub

- Beef&Steak Smokey Sweet sauce

Watch the video to see how the loin is cut open and then rolledt:

    Additional information
    Herkomst Holland
    Ingredients No
    Allergie No
    Storage No
    Aging No
    Fattening No
    Cooking method Barbecue, Oven, Dutch Oven, Skillet, Grill
    Weight ca. 2500 gram
    nutricional value No

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