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BBQ Sauce Sauces and Rubs

Stonewall Curried Mango Grill Sauce

A sweet, exotic bbq sauce.
Origin: USA Storage condition: Keep refrigerated and dry
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Article number 76720325
Weight: 325 ml

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With this sauce you imagine yourself on a wonderful beach with a nice fresh breeze and waving coconut trees. This versatile grill sauce has a savory taste which is made even better by the sweet mango. The sauce is delicious with grilled vegetables, chicken and meat. This sauce also fits really well with shellfish and crustaceans. Think of a nice dip for grilled black tiger shrimps for example.
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Additional information
Herkomst USA
Ingredients Mango, suiker, water, bruine suiker, ananas, passievruchtensap, mosterd (water, mosterdzaad, azijn, zout, witte wijn, citroenzuur, kurkuma, wijnsteenzuur, kruiden), kerriepoeder, melasse, ui, tomatenpuree, Citroensapconcentraat, Knoflook Citroenzuur, Specerijen, Natuurlijk aroma
Allergie Gluten-free, Lactose-free, MSG-free, Nuts-free
Storage Keep refrigerated and dry
Aging No
Fattening No
Weight 325 ml
nutricional value No

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