Rokende Regâhs

Rokende Regâhs

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Rokende Regâhs

The most famous BBQ-team from The Hague has it's own rubs now. Wonderful rubs for beef and pork! 

The BBQ team of the 'Rokende Regâhs' exists of 4 friends called Daan, Stefan, Edward and Willem, which all have the same hobby: BBQ! It all started on a Weber, but now they now have a big arsenal of smokers and other barbecues. After a lot of evenings of delicious meat and drinks they decided to start a team and take place in competitions. Nowadays the Rokende Regâhs are known al over Europe. It is a team that likes to be seen for their passion, but also the sociability of this team is known and notorious al over Europe. 

In 2016 was decided to bring their own rub on the market. Together with a designer they designed a wonderful tin and label. Beef&Steak has the honor to sell the rub. Succes guaranteed with these delightful rubs.  

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