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Texelaar lamb

Texelaar lamb

The Texelaar is a famous breed of sheep, in Holland and abroad. it has been bred from the original breed on the Island of Texel, hence it's name. Our Texelaar lamb meat is kept in the area Bommelerwaard and is famous for it's delicate taste.


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ca. 250 gram
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De Texelaar is a famous sheep breed, developed as a cross with the original Texel breed. The meat of the Texelaar is praised by chefs and enthusiasts. At Beef& Steak can be found rack of lamb, leg of lamb, lamb strips, minced lamb and lamb chops.

The original Texel breed was crossed with English breeds in the second half of the 19th century to get more meat and more wool. The Lincoln, Leicester and Wensleydale sheep were mainly used for this and that is how the Texeler was born. It is a very stable breed with excellent wool and meat characteristics. There are 2 types of Texelers; the white and the blue variant.

De Texelaar is a strong breed without horns and a beautiful white head with fine hair. It is quite stocky and has a wider head than the well-known Swifter breed. The breed has full thighs and strong loins.

A ewe often gets 1-2 lambs at a time and that only once a year. Usually they lamb in early spring, but actually lambs are born all year round. The gestation period is 5 months minus 5 days and the lambs weigh about 5 kilos at birth.

More than 14,000 sheep are already on the island of Texel and about 11,000 lambs are born every spring. Altogether almost double the number of inhabitants of Texel. Ewes weigh about 70-80 pounds and are about 65-70 centimeters high. In addition to the meat, these sheep are also used for their wool. This yields about 4 to 5 kilos of raw wool per shave.

The Texelers we use for this fantastic meat graze in the Bommelerwaard. Here they eat the grasses and herbs that occur in the landscape. The meat is characterized by the beautiful, fine lamb taste and soft structure.