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We all know the 'rack of lamb', a beautifull piece of the ribs from a lamb. But there is also such a rack from the pig and the ox. A rack of pork is a piece of rib and has 10 or 11 bones. It is cut from the loin.

Rack of pork

From the rooting pig for example, the real rooting pig from the Netherlands, are really nice racks cut. Through excellent marbling, the taste is much better and more creamy. Beef&Steak also has racks from the Iberian pig, which are the size of two bones or more.

Rib roast

The rib roast is cut from the rib eye part and the most common size is five bones. Just like the rib roast of the Aberdeen Angus. It is also possible to cut the ribs and the loin together in one piece. This is called the boeuf or a bone-in rib eye.


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