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Bavette is often seen as a delicacy for the barbecue, for example in France. In the Netherlands, bavette is also called a catch flap or a finch flap.

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This lean beef comes from the flank of the beef and is therefore deliciously tender. In cattle that are specially bred for this, bavette is so tender that it is sometimes eaten raw. But on the barbecue this meat really comes into its own! At BEEF&STEAK you can order an excellent bavette steak that you can put on the barbecue the next day. Treat your friends and family to something other than a burger or a sausage, and place your order today. If you would like more information about this beautiful type of meat, please visit our website or contact BEEF&STEAK.

Various bavette steaks for the barbecue at BEEF& STEAK

At BEEF& STEAK you can choose from different Bavette steaks that are all suitable for the barbecue. In addition to "bavette", the bavette is also often offered under the name "flank steak". You can choose from:

We have plenty on offer for both the big and the small eater and because we have everything you find in our online butcher shop in stock, you can order as much as you want.

Buy your Bavette meat online at BEEF& STEAK

Are you looking for a delicious and unique piece of beef? Then try our bavette steak! This special piece of steak is becoming increasingly popular, and you can buy this delicious steak bavette online from us. Bavette steak is a flavorful, tender and juicy cut that is perfect for grilling or pan-baking. So don't miss this tasty piece of beef and order your bavette meat today! You can buy Bavette at BEEF& STEAK!

Bavette beef: an excellent option for home cooks

Home cooks will find that the bavette beef is an excellent choice. It is a piece of meat with less fat, but nevertheless the piece is no less in taste; This one is sublime. In French, "bavette" means literally "skirt". The bavette comes from the part of the cow that is close to the flank and around the diaphragm. This area is the same as where a skirt would be located, hence the name. Because this area gets a lot of activity, the muscle is in excellent condition. This makes this steak a piece of meat with a particularly robust taste.

Buying Bavette and then preparing the steak bavette well is essential. It gets a bit tough and hard to eat if you don't prepare it properly. On the other hand, if you prepare it correctly, it will be soft and flavorful. Feel free to ask us for tips on preparing bavette and ordering bavette meat!

How can you best prepare the Bavette steak?

Steak bavette tastes best when carefully prepared over low heat. This promotes the breakdown of the muscle fibers of the meat, making the texture more delicate. The bavette should absolutely not be overcooked, because it is a leaner piece of meat. It becomes dry and rough if you cook the meat for too long. Bavette is usually served with a sauce or gravy. This helps with the taste and keeps the meat juicy. Be sure to cook the meat over low heat, whichever method you choose, to prevent it from becoming tough during preparation. When ordering and preparing bavette, there are many different factors that can influence the quality of the meat. The type of meat, the cut, the marbling and the quality all influence the result. But if you prepare the steak well, you have a great piece of bavette steak to serve.

The bavette steak is a flank steak

It is a piece of meat with a lot of connective tissue. But if prepared properly, it can be incredibly flavorful and tender. If you want to prepare a bavette steak, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, you need to make sure that you bake it on a boiling surface. This helps sear the steak on the outside and enclose all the juices. Bavette is best when baked medium-rare to weird. Less is more with a bavette steak. The natural taste of the meat must come into its own. A simple friction with salt and pepper is all you need. Finally, let your bavette steak rest for a few minutes before cutting it. This way the juices can be distributed over the steak again and you get a more tender and tasty snack.

Combine with delicious side dishes

With a bavette steak, there are some fantastic side dishes to consider serving: roasted potatoes, barbecued vegetables, and a simple green salad. You can also serve it with soft mashed potatoes and butter-sautéed mushrooms for an even more decadent supper. Whatever you decide, keep the side dishes uncomplicated so they don't take the attention away from the juicy steak.

Why order bavette online?

If you are looking for meat of the highest possible quality, BEEF& STEAK at the right place. We have the best selection of premium cuts of meat. BEEF& STEAK offers what you're looking for, whether you need something for a special event or want to surprise your friends with a special dinner. Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of their fantastic range and prices. You can order Bavette meat at BEEF& STEAK!

The best beef from well-known breeds of cattle

You can find a list of all kinds of delicious meats on our website. Whether you are looking for daily meat or special beef from Japanese Wagyu. There are distinctive features that are characteristic of each type of meat. BEEF& However, STEAK offers a wide variety of meats. Think of a nice ribeye, picanha, tenderloin, steak or brisket.

Ordering and more information

On our website you can also find tasty recipes for all this quality meat with which you can surprise guests during the barbecue. Order a tasty beef bavette steak or rooting pig finch steak today, or contact (0172) 577 147 if you have any questions or need help making your choice. We are happy to help you turn your barbecue into a delicious food feast!